You Are A Politician In France

Although the title to this article is true, it's also true that the citizens of France are the ones who elected them.  What thought goes through the mind of freemen that tells them to vote for someone who will take away their self defense tools?  To leave them helpless against any type of terror; whether by criminals, or radical jihadists, as the whole world knows about the horror that occurred in Paris just two days ago.  Five hundred killed or wounded out of a crowd of thousands, and not one had the knowledge of self defense or a tool to accomplish it.  Why?  What price will you pay to not offend those who want to kill you?  What length will you go to, to prove that you're not prejudiced?  Be it known to all mankind that:  The truth can never be equated to prejudice.  If one must change any part of a story to make it sound more palatable; then, that person has just told a lie.  The citizens stated, by their vote, that they want their country to be a "Gun Free Zone", but it's not.  How many of the 132 who were killed would now, if they could, change their last vote?  How many of the wounded will change their vote in the future?  Not many, I predict.  Once the mind is hard-wired to believe that defending yourself is bad, then there's no changing that mind; that is where the French mind is today.

France is not a "Gun Free Zone" as its citizens were made to believe.  The politicians all have guns, the government agents have guns, the police have guns, the criminals have guns, and the radical jihadists have guns.  But, you can't have a gun as they're evil and you can't be trusted with one, as if owning a gun will make you go out and slaughter your neighbors.  No you won't!  The jihadists do that! because you don't have any means of self defense.  Nazi Germany was a "Gun Free Country," except, of course, for the military and the police, and how did that work out.  France is the country that should know the results above all others.

How many times must you be told and shown before you change your convoluted minds.  The Hundred Year War, WWI and WWII come to mind.  Honduras and Switzerland are countries with near equal population.  One has draconian gun restrictions, and is the murder capital of the world; while the other, where everyone has a machine gun -- eh!  Maybe once in a while.

Warnings should be heeded.  Europe was warned on January 15, 2011 as referenced in my Post, "You Don't Know You're Losing Your Country," on April 26, 2015 on my web site:  And my other Post on October 27, 2014, titled: "You Have No Means Of Self-Defense."

Lots of condolences thrown all over the place; but if they fall on deaf ears--so what! 


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