You Voted for Them

Nearly a majority of the populations of many countries are now complaining about their government officials.  Why?  Because you didn't think about where they were going to take your country.  You knew their political views: whether Communist, Liberal, Progressive, open-border proponents, whatever!  Refugees don't come in groups of 10,000,000 young men of military age; that's what is called an invasion.  Since the founding of the European Union, all may now roam freely between countries; which, basically don't exist any more.  If I guess correctly the Mayor of Cologne, a female, was elected by a majority of females in that city who now says, "German girls should keep 'them' at arms length."  And, "Change their habits."  How, I ask, can a female keep five males from a civilization that has no respect and looks upon females as lower than sheep -- "at arms length?"  How dare an elected official tell their citizens to "change your habits," to accommodate illegals, invaders, rapists!  American officials tell our citizens they shouldn't have a tool for self-defense; but, instead put the onus on the female to prevent being raped by "peeing in their pants."  England, France, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, United States, and many other countries, after they're killing and raping your citizens, are still inviting that culture in.  Stupidity is rampant.  All politicians, before they allow more rapists in their country, should solve the problem of, "How do you un-rape a female?"


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