You're a Liberal French voter.

Comments from America on how you voted yesterday.

"All those brave souls who trudged up those Normandy beaches 70 years ago..... They liberated France; they liberated Europe. And they gave all they have for nothing. NOTHING! How can the French ever commemorate the D-Day landings again, knowing that they, ONCE AGAIN, have surrendered and are already collaborating with an enemy that - let's be frank - will make Hitler's occupation look a slightly over-subscribed garden party? Appease; retreat; surrender; collaborate - 'twas ever thus.
As for Le Pen in 2022...... TOO LATE. The French sealed Europe's irreversible fate yesterday."

"Condolences to France. It was a beautiful culture with a rich history. Now comes l'Époque de la Résistance!" 

"Stupid move, France. "

"I predict a new Exodus for the Jewish people from the shores of Europe to the Jewish Homeland, Europe's Christian population will be slowly eradicated as they become outnumbered by Muslims, all this has already begun ...."

"The citizens of France have voted for Macron. They have voted for more unvetted immigration, more unemployment, more terrorism, continued subjugation to the EU, the loss of their sovereignty and in the end, total capitulation and submission to Islam."

"Any deaths in France at the hands of Islamic terrorists can henceforth be laid upon the French people and the French government. They are committing mass suicide, both culturally and literally."

"The French are ignorant to their own demise."

"France HAD two choices: Globalism or Sovereignty. They made the wrong choice."

"LaPen has her warts to be sure, but Macron stated explicitly that France must learn to accept terrorism as a fact of life in this day and age. In other words, the French must accept that every so often adherents to a hostile doctrine will slaughter French citizens on the streets of Paris, Toulouse and Nice and in churches in Normandy.  This is not just capitulation. It is immoral to subject your citizenry to barbarism in such a manner. To Macron, human life must not have a particular value."

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You are dead on in your analysis. Dead on.

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