Message To "Unknown Region"

Welcome to my site.
Two days ago my site has been getting a visitor from "Unknown Region."  On my site is a list of 107
countries.  I know where they are, but where is "Unknown Region?"  Are you in the North Pole, or at
the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station?  If you're from outer space, that would be real cool!
"Unknown Region," was mentioned in the Star War movies, but it also refers to some vast areas on earth that are not specifically identified.  Some of these could certainly pertain to Northern Alaska or Siberia in Russia.  Whether you wish to divulge your location, or your general location on earth is entirely up to you.
Whether you do or not, you're still more than welcome to visit my site anytime.  If you tell me, please advise whether I have your permission to divulge it or to keep it a secret.  Or, you may put it on this site by clicking on the title and the Comments section will appear.
Thank you,
Site Owner
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