You Give An Atomic Bomb To Someone Who You Think Is Mentally Incapacitated.

The Epitome of Stupidity 

The epitome of stupidity is giving an atomic bomb to someone that you believe is mentally incapacitated. 

Thirty-one members of the United States House of Representatives, led by Representatives Panetta (D-CA, obviously) and Lieu (D-CA, obviously), wrote a letter to President Biden that he should relinquish his control over the nuclear arsenal, one of the two most sacred obligations of the President of the United States. 

All 31 of them advocated for; some, most likely campaigned for; supported his nomination, and all voted for him out of pure hate for the existing President. Not one of them during the last four years even thought about taking the nuclear football from that President (Trump), but now, only one month into his Presidency they are afraid that the one they cheated and lied for (Biden) will start a nuclear conflagration. 

Of course, they are not blaming President Biden's mental state, but the actions of past Presidents, especially the feud between President Trump and the Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un, which of course is a lie, as President Trump and Un had an understanding. President Trump even went, by himself, into North Korea to meet Un. 

Here is a picture of President Trump in North Korea. It sure doesn't seem that there was a feud between them as the lying Democrats stated. 

An important part of their stupidity also, is that they don't even know that they have already given aid and comfort to our potential enemies by attempting to destroy our capacity for a rapid response to a nuclear strike against their own country, the United States of America. 

In my opinion, the leaders of Russia (Putin), China (Xi), and North Korea (Un) haven't stopped laughing since the letter was made public. 

 I would appreciate a response from the three leaders mentioned above.  I'd also ask Biden, but, Why?


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