You Don't Act To Preserve Your Freedom #3

 My Thought For Today (Continued (freedom)

When to vote, "Not Guilty."
"2. If the facts do not match, or you believe that they do not match, the crime charged."
Another way of looking at this section is "misapplication of the law."
A person moved to New Jersey and stayed with his sister until he could find a permanent place. He then moved from his sisters to his place in New Jersey. He was stopped by police who found guns in his car.
They misapplied the moving exception to the law. The prosecutor said that if he had come directly from out of state he would have been OK. What! Can't you move within the state of NJ? He was convicted and given four years in prison. No state law says you have to leave your guns at the old house.
The law may be all right but the facts did not match the crime charged. Ignorance of the jury members cost this man four years in prison.
Note: The saddest part about this case is that the judge was duty-bound to discard the jury's verdict, but he did not. A judge has the power to overturn a "Guilty" verdict but not a "Not Guilty."


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