You Use Your Bright Lights During The Day.

For all the slow processors. Repeat after me.

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

You Think That It Takes More Than One Person To Pick Up A Pizza.

This afternoon I went downtown to pick up a pizza. Although it was a sidewalk pick-up everyone there was in groups of two or more.  Why?

The Coronavirus is transmitted through human contact, so the more people that congregate in a single place the better chance of catching Covid-19 or infecting someone else.  A person can have the virus and transmit it to another without knowing that they have it, as it takes a few days for the symptoms to manifest themselves.  No one was practicing the 6-foot rule and I was the only one with a mask on.  (I didn't mind too much about the two in back of me in line as they were both attractive, charming and talkative young females). 

Monday morning I went grocery shopping.  Most of the shoppers were there by themself except for one couple.  Why can't only one do the grocery shopping?  All of us others were.

By going to an activity with all your friend when only one is necessary to perform the chore/job merely endangers yourselves and others and why bring your kids with you.  That new disease is really rough on young children.  

My wife came with me, but she stayed in the car away from the group of people in front of the pizza parlor.

As the country is starting to open up we should still be practicing the safety rules so there isn't a spike in new cases that will force the country to be shut down again. --  Stay safe. 

Note:  I do not infer that it's never appropriate to have more than one person per family in a line at one time. Based on the situation, location, and safety factors, you should not leave, especially a child in the car or away from you. The safety of your loved ones or of a friend should be the determining factor.


You Don't Understand the Trauma of Rape.

UK’s new Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion: Muslim rape gang victims should “shut up for the good of diversity” 

(If you wish to read the article merely cut the link and paste into your browser.).

Just put up with it girls, as this is the new normal. Every night throughout Europe Muslim rape gangs go out and rape the citizens. Newspapers are forbidden to print anything about it and the police do not make any arrest. Three years ago on New Year's eve, 1,500 German girls were raped in one night. Not a problem as it's the new normal. There are still European males, but no more European men. -- The author.

You Don't, "Got Bacon."

Maybe you'll get a little information out of this one or not. It's not going to be earth-shattering. It's merely about how I cook and preserve bacon.

Instead of cooking a few strips at a time as needed for breakfast or for a BLT, I cook the whole package at once.  I place a sheet of Parchment paper on a cookie sheet, lay the strips of bacon on the paper and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Everyone should adjust the time based on their own oven and the amount of crispness they like their bacon.

I then place the bacon on a double layer of paper towels, cover with two layers of paper towels and gently press down on them. This will absorb a lot of the extra grease. Once cooled, I place the strips in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. This way I always have bacon at the ready.

To thaw and reheat merely place it in a frying pan while cooking your eggs or on a paper towel and place in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.

An afterthought.  I use butter on my toast so I always have extra butter in my freezer as it freezes very well.  Unsalted kind for certain recipes and a few sticks of regular butter in case I run out before I can get to the market.

This ends my series on preserving all the ingredients required for a hearty breakfast. Bon app├ętit.

You Don't, "Got Bread."

Although I spent some of my time while in the Navy in the South Pacific, I also spent time aboard ship in the Atlantic as our home port was Newport, RI. It gets cold in RI in the winter and as the bread locker aboard the ship was a closet type space outside that wasn't heated, the bread would freeze.  The cooks would bring the days needs into the kitchen where it was warm and the bread would thaw out. I never noticed the difference between the bread that had been frozen and the ones that weren't.

Now, during this pandemic, one way to preserve any extra bread when you can get it is to freeze it. My family and I eat three types of bread: English muffins, 12-Grain, and Honey wheat. The brands and the exact kinds haven't been available recently, but what I was able to buy is close enough. I was able to get a few extra loaves so I froze three of them; one of each kind. As I need more bread I just take out about a third of a loaf at a time and let it thaw out overnight. That way there is no spoilage.

Going into a survival mode requires a different kind of thinking. Don't just think about one item at a time. How else can I preserve some of this extra bread? If you make French toast and freeze them like I mentioned yesterday, you've not only preserved eight slices of bread but also four eggs.

This morning's breakfast: Orange juice, from frozen concentrate; coffee with milk from two frozen milk ice cubes; two cinnamon French toasts from the freezer, thawed and heated up in the toaster; and two previously cooked, frozen sausage patties, thawed and heated in the microwave.

Tomorrow, “Got Bacon?”

You Don't, "Got Eggs."

This may be a long read but it'll be well worth it. Many times, whenever I come across an article on survival or food preservation I try it out. You never know when the information will come in handy—like now during this pandemic. One article I read a few years ago was on how to freeze eggs, which I did at the time to make sure that it worked.
Simply put two eggs in a bowl and mix/scramble. This, according to the article is the key, that you should scramble them. Then merely pour it into a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. It takes approximately 24 hours to thaw them in the refrigerator, so plan ahead. When thawed and ready to use merely pour the content of the freezer bag into a frying pan and cook as you would normally.
How about a tasty ham omelet! A few days ago I made two omelets and froze them. Two eggs, ham, cheese, onion, and mushrooms. Mixed it up in two bowls poured them in two freezer bags and put them in the freezer. It took two days to thaw one out, but yesterday morning I had a fantastic omelet. The mushrooms that I used were not the all-white kind, so when the mixture was thawed there was black liquid in the bag. Not to worry, as that is what happens when you thaw out that kind of mushrooms. The taste was the same as if it had been made fresh.
If you're lucky, during this pandemic, to find extra eggs it's easy to preserve an extra dozen, so buy two if they'll let you. One batch of pancakes take one egg, so freeze a few, one in each freezer bag.
Four eggs scrambled with a little milk and eight slices of bread make four breakfasts of French toast. I use Sara Lee honey wheat bread. Eat two and freeze six for three more breakfasts in the near future. Soak both sides of the bread in the mixture, not too long as the bread will get soggy and fall apart, and put in the frying pan. Don't forget to sprinkle some cinnamon on top before turning the bread over. Cinnamon French toast—tasty. Before putting the French toast in the (plastic) freezer bags let them cool off and then use Parchment paper between each piece of bread. Even after this pandemic, you can prevent waste by freezing your eggs before the “Use By Date.”
If two or more persons in the household eat eggs for breakfast, you can freeze four or six in the same freezer bag. I freeze only two in each bag as I'm the only one that eats eggs.
Four eggs scrambled in a freezer bag for French toast.
Four eggs scrabbled with omelet ingredients separated in 2 freezer bags
Two eggs scrambled. One in each freezer bag for pancakes.
Two eggs scrambled in one freezer bag for just eggs and bacon or sausage links, etc. = one dozen.
Or any combination based on your family's needs.
Tomorrow, “Got Bread?”

You don't, "Got Milk." (Cont'd.)

Last night I put two milk ice cubes in a glass dish, covered it with clear plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator. This allowed the cubes to melt overnight which I used the milk in my coffee this morning: worked perfectly. Covering the dish prevented the milk from absorbing other odors in the refrigerator. I still have 11 more days of cubes for my milk, but I'm going to do it again, for 23 days-- well into next month if I can't get to the store before then.
Freezing larger volumes of milk:
One Facebook friend stated that her 1/2 gallon of frozen milk still wasn't thawed after 2-3 days; therefore, freezing in smaller quantities would seem to be in order. Two days ago I finished an Ensure. It comes in a plastic jug which I then used to freeze some more milk. As milk expands when it freezes, leave some room for expansion. Also, my research showed that glass containers may break due to the expansion, so one should probably use food-grade plastic containers or other types of food-grade containers.
While freezing, milk will turn a light shade of yellow due to the fat content, so shake it well before using it after it's thawed. This does not change the taste or value. The discoloration isn't as great with low fat or skim milk. Even after the pandemic is over, it would still be a good idea to freeze any milk prior to the "best use date" instead of discarding and wasting it.
Tomorrow: "Got eggs?"

You Don't, "Got Milk."

My gallon of milk has a Best Use date of next Wednesday the 14th. Not wanting to go shopping in the near future and using milk in my coffee, I decided to freeze some of it. I can't thaw out a lot of milk just for an ounce or so for my coffee, because once you thaw the milk in the refrigerator you should use it within two days, so I filled two ice-cube trays and froze it that way. This morning I took the cubes of milk out of the trays and put them in a freezer bag that I put back in the freezer. I'll let everyone know how that works out in the morning. According to my research, it should work out just fine.
Also, tomorrow, I'll add a section on freezing a greater amount.

You Don't Believe The Fires In Australia Are Caused By Terrorists.

How can law enforcement personnel today be so slow in determining what is really going on?

If you have a fire or two you can blame a pyromaniac/arsonist and you can blame it on a camper who accidentally leaves a fire unattended or fails to snuff it out completely. You can even blame them on a few lighting strikes.

But, when you have 200 people using arson as a way to burn and totally destroy your country it's a planned terrorist attack.

Maybe the police should try to determine the relationship between these persons, whether they know each other, or whether they belong to the same religion or club. What is on their computers, whether they searched on how to start a conflagration.

All 200 are murderers and you don't even know it! I don't know the law in Australia, but your laws, like in America are based on English Common Law, therefore, "While in the course of committing a felony, you cause the death of a person, it's murder."

Wake up! Before you lose your country.