You Follow Orders Against Humanity

Why did you follow the orders against humanity? Without hesitation, you got in your planes and used Serin Gas against your fellow countrymen. You knew that using poison gas was banned in war but you used it anyway. Why? And you caused horrific deaths to babies: the innocents. Only cowards obey orders against humanity. So afraid of your commanders that you’d rather kill babies than disobey the order. I realize that your president, Assad, gave the order but you’re the one who did the killing; therefore, it’s on your head . . . his also, but still yours. How many of your comrades were killed during the response? Did you or your commanders think that you could go on forever with your crimes against humanity and you would never pay a price? Ask the Germans who were prosecuted at the Nuremberg Trials. Ask your dead comrades at Shayrat Air Base. Why did Russia drop the ball three years ago when it was supposed to confiscate all the poison gas? From whom? From a society that is devoid of conscience! A military made up of such cowards and of those so afraid of their own shadow that they would kill babies instead of the monsters who keep their minds enslaved.

You Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous activities that a motorist can engage in. A standardized signal should be adopted so all drivers when they see it, will know that the driver in front of him believes that he's tailgating. I've mentioned this signal before and have used it several times with some success.
That is the emergency signal. If you feel that the car in back of you is tailgating merely turn on your emergency signal flashing lights. Isn't the fact that one is tailgating you places you in danger? Then isn't it an emergency? If we all share this post then maybe enough of us will adopt this signal to warn the tailgater and we start to back off from the car in front of us when we see it. We all lose attention occasionally while driving and if the car in front signals that you're tailgating, you shouldn't be upset, but be thankful that he's also looking out for your safety as well as his own.  Everyone should share any successful use of this signal. By sharing our experience we help to bolster others to follow our lead.
If you can't see all of his front tires, he's tailgating.

You Are One

A pig lives on my street.

A while ago I was walking my dog. I noticed during one of his stops that he was trying to eat something. I quickly got it out of its mouth and noticed that it was a partially eaten chicken wing that someone had thrown to the side of the road. The ignorant pig, obviously, doesn't realize that chicken bones are soft, not like steak bones, and if the animal attempts to swallow a piece it will lodge in its throat and suffer a slow, painful death. There are several people on my street that walk their dogs and there are many wild animals, deer, elk, turkey, etc., that would most probably try to eat the discarded chicken wing.
I'll leave it up to the reader's imagination as to what the pig should do with his partially eaten chicken wings.

You Don't Kill Them While Fleeing Mosul

When ISIS terrorists throw down their weapons so they can blend in with you fleeing civilians, that's when you, the civilians, should kill them. The terrorists have been tormenting, torturing, and killing your family members for months, if not years, and then you allow them to hide within your ranks and do nothing about it.  They no longer have a weapon to impose their will upon you: but now you have weapons.  They are called rocks, sticks, and the brute force of many against one.  If you do not, they will band together again in the relocation camps to again terrorize you by taking the relief food that was meant for your children.  Ask, "Which is the lesser of two evils?"  "To kill my tormentor or to watch my children go hungry or starve to death."  To kill a tormentor is not wrong according to the Bible AND the Koran.
This message should be translated into the proper language(s), printed, and dropped, as leaflets, into every relocation camp and column of fleeing refugees.

You Break A Dog's Heart

A woman in India killed eight puppies because the mother/dog had them in the wrong place on her property. This was to teach the mother dog a lesson. After the puppies were buried the dog dug up her puppies and tried to nurse them. How broken hearted it must have been. What kind of lesson do you think that the dog would learn? None, I would venture to say. The lady was arrested, but still
. . .

My point in retelling this story:

Anyone who is arrested and tried for causing bodily harm to an animal abuser MUST be found Not Guilty. 

Anyone who trespasses on another’s property to care for an abused animal MUST be found Not Guilty. 

All members of all juries and each and every judge, worldwide, MUST find the person protecting the animal Not Guilty.

Each and every Prosecutor MUST refuse to try anyone who assaults an animal abuser and anyone who is trying to protect an animal from his abuser.

Each and every Law Enforcement Officer MUST never arrest anyone who causes bodily harm to an animal abuser or one who is trying to protect an animal from the abuser.

I do not know what fate will be forthcoming to you when you die; but, I do know that each and every juror, judge, prosecutor and law enforcement officer will eventually die.

Retired LEO, and dog owner.

You Don't Have Firewood

Of course, firewood is not the only source of alternate heating, but you should have a source in the event of a power failure.  I've been in several situations when the electricity went out for six days.  Luckily I have two fireplaces in the house I now live in.  But what good would they be, in an emergency, if I had no wood?  My wife and I also like the comfort it gives us by just looking at a fire and enjoying its warmth and smell on a cold winter night.  Living in the mountains we have many fires in the summer also in the chilly evenings.
Not all alternative heating sources are appropriate for indoor heating; such as charcoal which gives off a deadly gas which has caused the death of many people.  Always make sure that the fuel, space heaters, whether kerosene or electrical, etc. are safe for indoor use.
For the past two weeks, I've made a dozen phone calls and went to a few places that supposedly sells firewood.  Some never returned my calls and others had mostly soft wood, which is not, in my opinion, the best kind to use in a fireplace.  Well, today I finally found a company who had the kind of wood I was looking for, and for a fair price.  The owner and his helper were very courteous, he promptly returned my call, and the wood was delivered within a few hours and stacked properly.  So, if you live within a reasonable driving distance from Ruidoso, New Mexico I certainly would recommend that you give him a call.  Stay warm.
Don Swanners Tree Service, 575-937-3255.
I also had the pleasure of meeting his lovely wife.

You Don't Know You're Being Invaded

The Invasions of France.

the 1746 War of the Austrian Succession, Austria-Italian forces supported by the British navy attempted to invade southern France
the French Revolutionary Wars invasion attempts to defeat the French Revolution
the 1794 Flanders Campaign, led by Britain and Austria
the 1795 Battle of Quiberon, led by a British-backed force of French Emigres
the 1813 War of the Sixth Coalition, a British-led coalition invaded Napoleon's France to the south while a multi-national coalition attacked from the north
the 1815 Hundred Days, the Seventh Coalition invaded France following the Battle of Waterloo
the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, Prussian forces invaded France due to tensions regarding Prussia's growing influence in central Europe
the 1905 Schlieffen Plan, the German Empire's strategic plan for victory in a two-front war against France and Russia
the 1914 Battle of the Marne, the actual implementation of the previous plan at the outset of World War I
the World War II invasion
May 10, 1940, Battle of France, started by Nazi Germany's invasion of the Ardennes and the Low countries
2016-2017. Invasion by Muslims.
The first invasion by Muslims was 10 October 732. The Muslims were defeated at
The Battle of Tours by Charles Martel's army, which at the time was the strongest army in all of Europe. I would venture a guess that not 10% of French citizens today know who Charles was and what he did for France.

The present and many past governments didn't get it and still don't to this day.

Author's Note:  No one should think that this Post pertains merely to France.  Many other countries are being invaded today.  You know who you are!

You Don't Turn Lights On When Foggy.

Today, I drove to another town approximately 1 1/2 hours away. All along the route, there was heavy fog, but many cars did not have their headlights on.
Especially on a foggy day or during twilight hours, although headlights will not help you see better, you can  BE SEEN better.
Many darker colored cars were not seen until they were about 100 ft. or less away. If I had tried to pass, by the time I would have seen them it would have been impossible to avoid a head-on collision. Lights on low-beam, please.
It's so I can see you, so I don't kill you . . . and myself--Thank you.
NOT to see better, but to BE SEEN better--so I don't kill you and that cowardly passenger in your car that was too afraid to tell you, "Hey stupid, put on your headlights, in low-beam so the other drivers can SEE US better."

(How many times have I posted this? I cannot count the ways).

You Can't Tell The Truth


The minute someone demonstrates courage and tells the truth, she has moved within the spheres of influence to a point where her inner world changes and the person begins to have an increase of her personal power and integrity. While the negative feelings have not all disappeared, the person has greater energy to handle nasty situations. She is no longer living in the world of victimhood. When someone will not acknowledge or tell the truth, she lives within her own creation of lack and limitation. Without truth, unconditional love is not possible, as people are ruled by their own selfishness, in which other people are merely objects to satisfy their needs and wants.” Quoted from the book, When All Hell Breaks Loose, by Cody Lundin.

Author’s spin on the above quote: politically correct speech is one where the facts have to be changed to satisfy the speaker’s personal agenda; therefore, it is a lie. Only the truth, (actual facts), the whole truth, (not leaving facts out), and nothing but the truth, (not adding information that would tend to enhance the speaker’s personal point), is required for it to be the truth, and not a lie. Pity the poor person, a coward, always afraid that someone may not like him, who always must utter politically correct speech, instead of what he wants to say, or what he feels should be said . . . but, alas, cannot. One that is never able to feel unconditional love for a spouse, child, and parent, and those persons in his life fully realize that he or she cannot truly love them. Only truth can calm the heart.