You Don't Know What the Center Lane is For

Many secondary highways and local streets have a center lane.  These lanes are located between the travel lanes on said roads, e.g., in the middle of the street.  These lanes are identified by either solid double yellow lines on both sides or a solid yellow on the outside edge and a broken yellow line on the inside edge.  These allow drivers to exit the travel or passing lane to make a safer left turn by providing an isle-of-safety until oncoming traffic clears.  This also allows the driver who wants to make a left turn to not impede traffic.

Drivers who use the center lane should enter the lane BEFORE slowing down; but most do not.  Most drivers slow to a crawl, then move into the center lane.  This causes them to impede traffic, and a dangerous condition as the speeding cars behind them, many tailgating, may cause a rear-end accident.  Proper use of turn-signals to advise other drivers of your intention is warranted.

When entering a street, and wishing to make a right turn, poses no problem as the center lane doesn't come into play; but when you wish to make a left turn then the center lane comes into play.  When the traffic from the left is clear you must go directly into the center lane.  That is what it's there for.  Continue in the center lane until traffic from the right is clear, then move into the travel lane.  If there are two lanes, passing and travel, then move into the travel from the passing lane safely.

Many drivers wait until the road is clear in both directions, then cross all lanes into the travel lane.  This is not a safe maneuver as another car may be trying to enter the roadway from the opposite direction.  This usually takes much longer before you leave the side street or driveway; holding up the traffic behind you.  Also, before entering the center lane look to your right to verify that another car is not using the center lane, blocking your access to it.  That car is usually there as the driver wants to make a left turn into the street that you're trying to egress.

Always be extremely observant while in the center lane as it may be used by cars traveling in opposite directions . . . avoid a head-on collision.

You Bear False Witness

This has always been a personal favorite of mine; but due to the political climate of today it's even more important.  Even though it's slanted for a specific political purpose for today's (2016) United States presidential election, it's also germane for all transgressions of the 9th Commandment.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" says the 9th Commandment.
According to the New Testament, Jesus explains that obedience to the prohibition against false testimony from the ten commandments is a requirement for eternal life. Therefore the opposite to eternal life, is eternal death . . . which means eternity in hell. The only way, then, to avoid eternal death, is to recant the false statement.
The civil penalties, if sued, for testifying under oath falsely is 5-years in prison. If the truth then is told by the defendant to avoid a perjury charge and prison; then the jury may award any amount of monetary damage they wish. This is usually dependent on the amount of damage, not only monetary but also to the reputation of the Plaintiff.
My point: If Trump, as he said, is going to sue his accusers of improper sexual advance is telling the truth, then they should stick to their story, which would seem the correct thing to do; but under law proof is also needed, not merely verbalizing a complaint. I suggest, then, that these women start to acquire said evidence so not to negatively impact their lives.
On the other hand if they were put up to it to destroy Trump by another, whether paid or not, the only way to avoid the ramifications is to recant the accusations publicly, and to divulge the party or person who put them up to it. This would negate their involvement in the alleged plot. This most likely will destroy your reputation; but, at least, it would avoid jail, fine or monetary loss. More importantly, it would be negating eternal damnation in hell.
"Jesus explains that obedience to the prohibition against false testimony from the ten commandments is a requirement for eternal life."  (Emphasis mine).

You Don't Remember About (#2).

Did you remember to:

Check the lights on your car? 
I still see many with burned out lights.

Leave space between cars when stopped at an intersection?

Avoid Tailgating? The highest cause of deaths among 16-17-year-olds.

Maintain your speed while going uphill?

Drive your own car?  Don't let others get you out of your comfort         zone.

Stop driving aggressively?  Very dangerous habit.

Stop rubber-necking?  Yes, pay attention to what's ahead but stop delaying those behind you.

Not only turn on your turning signals at the proper time, but to also turn them off at the proper time?

Drive in your lane?  Too many drivers go over the center line when going around a curve, or hug the center line until a car is approaching.  They then move into their lane, allow the other car to pass then back towards and/or on or over the center line.  
If you stay in the center of your lane you won't have to worry about the right hand curb . . . don't be a lazy driver!

You Don't Fight for Your Country

One-hundred thousand, five-hundred thousand, one-million or more men of military age fleeing their country.  Are there legitimate refugees?  Yes.  They are made up of old men and women with their children.  Women will take care of their children, and they should not be the ones who do the fighting and leave their children in danger.  Of course, many women are fighting and are fighters for their family and country; but they're not the ones to carry the greatest burden.  Who are these alleged "men" storming out of their countries leaving their wives, daughters, and young children behind: They are an invading army and the leaders of their host countries are too ignorant to realize that they're being invaded.  To leave your wife behind to be raped and your children to be enslaved is not my definition of a man . . . that's my definition of a coward.
I will fight for my country and would never leave it, for I believe that I live in the best country in the world, and well worth fighting for, and you should feel the same way about your country.
(US Navy, '51-'55.  Korea and China theaters)

You Don't Attack, Attack, Attack.

Orlando, Florida:  49 killed, 52 injured.
Brussels, Belgium: 32 killed, 300 injured.
Paris, France:  128 killed, injured?
San Bernardino, California.  36 killed, injured? and
Kenya, Africa: 148 killed, 102 injured.

On this web site, on October 27, 2014 I wrote an article titled, "You Have No Means For Self Defense."
On April 6, 2015, I wrote about the slaughter at the college in Kenya where there were 800 students.  Like the 250-300 people in the bar in Orlando, they were mostly young, strong, agile young men.  Among the above venues, and those others too numerous to mention. were thousands of able-bodied men; probably many ex-military personnel.  What did they do when the killing started--nothing.  Why?
We can no longer be complacent.  It matters not where we might find ourselves; whether in a bar or in a movie theater, (Aurora, CO): in a school, (Columbine or Newtown).  Can we expect very young children to attack? but should we expect young, strong men to attack? Certainly.

We must all start to review in our minds what we would do, no, what I will do in the event if I'm caught in a similar situation like above.  At the moment you will not have time to formulate a plan, think it out, and then put it into play.  You must have it ingrained in your mind today, and then refine your plan periodically so when the situation presents itself you will act immediately.  Several years ago a professional skier broke his leg in an accident.  Having been laid up for a year, he ran the slalom course, in his mind, everyday.  His next competition, remember he hadn't skied for a whole year, he came in first.

"I can't attack the terrorist all by myself."  On 9/11 only one passenger out of the four planes said, "Let's Roll."  When one starts others will follow.  The unruly passenger on another plane was attacked by one passenger, then others seeing, also jumped on him and helped to subdue the unruly one.  Yes you can.
What if one of the 400 killed in the actions above was killed during his attempt to subdue the terrorist?
What is the 500+ wounded, some severely, thinking about their inaction today?

"But I don't have a weapon."  Yes you do.  You're in a bar drinking beer which comes in a bottle.  Have you never played baseball!  Can't you throw it at the terrorist?  Close by, break the bottle and jab it into his head from behind with the jagged glass edge.  Hit him with a chair.  Throw the chair at him.  Use your pocket knife and give him a tracheotomyNo weapon, no problem.  Ever been in a fist fight?  MMA fighters use fists and feet; use yours.  Swift kick in the small of his back will cripple him.  Your turn to figure what you'll do based on your strengths.  Immediate, violent, vicious attack, attack, attack until you either subdue or are killed.

What benefit will this provide?  I content that it will cut down the deaths and injuries by at least 80%.  Why not try it.  What have you got to lose--you're dead anyway.

You Believe That The Holocaust Never Happened.

For our grandparents, parents, and their families..
This week in England, all mention of the Holocaust was removed from school curriculum.
It was claimed that remembering the Holocaust is offensive to the Muslim population which denies its existence...
The Second World War in Europe ended over 70 years ago.
This email aims to create a chain of memory.....
6 million Jews,,
20 million Russians,
10 million Christians,
1,900 Catholic priests
Who were murdered, Raped, Burned, Starved to death, and humiliated...
NOW more than ever..
While Iran and others claim the Holocaust never happened....
This email must reach at least FORTY MILLION People all over the world.
Join us and take part in the CHAIN OF MEMORY.
Help us spread it throughout the world.

You Don't Check Your Lights

You can't see the outside lights on your car when you're sitting in the driver's seat.  Either get out occasionally and look or have someone else check them.  If you get out you can't press on the brake pedal to see if those lights work, so it's better to have someone else check.
The other day I noticed the left front parking light on the car in back of me was out.  When I stopped at the next stop sign, I got out to tell the driver.  Of course it was a woman and I believe she got scared as she starting backing up.  Finally, when I didn't move toward her, she stopped and rolled down her window so she could hear my screaming.  Her concern was legitimate as I could have just used that excuse to get her guard down . . . to do her bodily harm.  Knowing your lights are working properly could keep you out of danger.
A few months ago, at night, I noticed the left turn signal on the car ahead of me on the roadway.  "What is the big deal?" you might ask.  Well there were no brake lights and the car was stopped dead in the road.  Luckily seeing the turning light, I was able to stop in time.  He only engaged the turning light after he came to a complete stop; consequently, I had no advance warning.
Lights are not only to see better at night, but also very important is to BE SEEN, whether day or night.

As Secretaries of States You Didn't Vet Presidential Candidates

"People blame B.O. for having run for POTUS as a foreigner. What folks fail to realize that it is the duty, nay, perhaps the most important job, of each and every state's Secretary of State to VERIFY that the birth certificate records provided him are authentic, genuine, and true. That means that 50 -- I said FIFTY secretaries of state SCREWED UP (or were bought off by "someone" - party officials, whomever) and should have been FIRED immediately. If any were in office in 2008 or in 2012, they should be FIRED for DERELICTION OF DUTY. As for Cruz ... Why hasn't any of the 50 secretaries of state asked for the Supreme Court to answer/decide the Natural Born Citizen question once and for all? And why have I never seen this reality mentioned in (on line) print before this post?"
Written by Wendy Nielsen, teacher extraordinaire.

In re. "How One Bad President Establishes Another Bad Precedent."
By Scott Rohter, December 2015
It's also amazing that none of the political "talking heads," never bother with the more important issues. -- The author.

Note: Although I (almost) never use other's Posts; this had to be said.

You Haven't Learned These Yet

1. If there is two lanes going in your direction, the right lane is the travel lane and the left lane is the passing lane. Let's ponder this difficult situation to avoid all confusion. Driving from point A, the location that you started out from; to point B, the location where you want to end up is called traveling; therefore, you should drive in the 'travel lane', which is the right lane as I stated above.
But, along the way you come upon a car in the travel lane that, of course, is traveling too slow. What to do? If you wish to continue with your speed, then you go into the left lane, which is the passing lane, and pass that car. When you safely clear the car you just passed then you're going to continue traveling; so, guess what? You should get into the right lane to continue your traveling.
To sum up: If you're traveling you should be in the travel lane, and if you're passing you should be in the passing lane. On highways with three or more lanes, the extreme left lane is still the passing lane. In many states passing on the right is lawful also on three or more lanes highways.
All good rules have exceptions:
a. If you're more important than all the other drivers on the highway.
b. If you're always oblivious to the traffic around you. OR
c. If you're just plain stupid.