You're a Berlin (Germany) Senator

Germany: Migrant Crime Spiked in 2016

1.  Although non-Germans make up approximately 10% of the overall German population, they accounted for 30.5% of all crime suspects in the country in 2016.

2.  The Berlin Senate launched an inquiry into why migrants disproportionally appear as criminals in the city-state compared to Germans.

Read #2 again before reading the following.

Are the Senators that naive and stupid that they don't know what is obvious to everyone in the Western world who has a brain?

The vast majority of migrants came from countries that are basically lawless, have no real functioning government, and are diametrically opposite from the mores and morals of Germany.  They are mostly all men; therefore, the only female contact they have is the rape of the German women.
The majority have no jobs so they have to obtain what is necessary for their survival: which is by stealing and robbery.  Even if on welfare from the state most have no problem with adding to it as that is the custom from where they came from.  I'm not inferring that it's every migrant, but certainly a large number of them.

I suggest that the Berlin Senate hire a college freshman who has just completed a course in Political Science 101 to educate and guide them.