You Brag About Your Survival Cache

One way to help keep your home from invasion is to shut-up. You may have a gun for self-defense; criminals like to steal guns. You may have tools for survival in case of an emergency, others will like your tools so they can also survive. Many of us put up food supplies in case of an emergency like a tornado, hurricane and/or a winter storm that may close down the highways for a few days; therefore, no delivery to the supermarkets and hungry gangs are no fun to deal with.  If they know where the food is they will go after it.  So one way to stay safer is not to bring attention to yourself by bragging on how ready and smart you are about your survival cache. In other words--SHUT-UP.
This is not to say that you shouldn't help your family to prepare or to come to you for help if they have an emergency.  And tell THEM to SHUT-UP about it.