You Believe The Shotgun Is The Only Self-Defense Gun

Don't buy a shotgun unless you're willing to train, train and train some more in its use.  I taught  shotgun training for over 10 years to over 5,000 cops, many of whom were females.  Before you take VP Biden's advice to buy one for self-defense look at the video.  In another interview he said "just shoot through the door."  A woman home with her kids is spooked by a knock on her door at night.  Shoots through the door and then discovers the UPS man on his back gasping for air and dies.  The first rule is always identify your target and access the threat.  You can't see through the door so you didn't do that.  This is called recklessly killing someone which is punishable by 20 years in prison.  I guarantee you WILL go to jail.  I also taught Criminal Law for 24 years.  So let's compare the 12 ga. shotgun that he recommends to the AR-15 that he does not.  Biden only mentions one gauge and one model and makes no recommendation as to the best type of ammunition to use in the gun.  Can a shotgun be used for self-defense?  Of course, if you know how to use, and handle it properly. There are dozens of other articles and videos, by firearm experts, that prove my point.  - ENJOY.