You Think Other Stupid People Should Get Big Settlements

Trial lawyers today take almost any case hoping that a jury will give their client big money for their stupid acts. They usually are correct. Why do jurors find for the Plaintiff (the one who sues) even when the Plaintiff did something stupid but wants to get paid for the action. The jury finds against the Defendant (the person/company being sued) who did nothing wrong.
A jury finds the defendant – McDonalds – at fault and awards the lady who put hot coffee in her lap a million dollars. Now McDonalds has a sign saying that their coffee is hot.
A lady puts her Winnebago on cruise control and leaves the driver's seat to go make herself a sandwich. The Winnebago, of course, crashes and she sues the company. The company lost because their Owner's Manual didn't say not to leave the driver's seat while on cruise control – now it does. The jury gives her a new Winnebago and a million dollars. The price of a Big Mac went up a few cents which we all now pay. Jurors today think that companies have a lot of money so it doesn't matter how much it allots the Plaintiff. Where does this money come from – YOU! Every time you buy something today you pay additional so you (a member of the jury) can give tons of your money to the idiots. How smart a juror are you? NOT VERY.