You Aren't Concerned About "Home Firearms Safety."

Home Firearms Safety

“There is no more dangerous object in the house than an unloaded gun.” (Mark Twain).

Your handgun is safest when being carried, secured in its holster, and on your person. You are, or should be, aware of its condition, location and dangers associated with firearms.
But when the weapon is to be left in the home you have no physical control over that weapon. Gun owners and members of their families have been injured and killed because of complacency. You know that you would handle the weapon safely and therefore may feel that everyone else would do the same.
But have the other adults or older children been trained or briefed by you regarding firearms safety? And if they have, what about their friends or other visitors to your home? Can you expect your very young children or their friends to have the same understanding regarding firearms safety?
If you live alone the problem may be minimized and you may feel that it doesn't have to be secured. What about friends? Remember, handguns are highly prized by burglars and some may know that you have one.
There are two opposing views regarding weapons in the home. The first is that weapons should be locked away and not discussed. The second, that everyone in the home should be made aware of firearms safety.
But is either way practical or would a combination of both be better? The adults and older children could certainly be made aware of the dangers relating to firearms but the very young or immature, regardless of age, cannot understand the dangers and would be best served by merely securing the weapon so they cannot physically obtain it.