You Are Dumber Than A Rock

There are at least 6,550 drivers in Connecticut that are dumber than a rock. During the week before the Labor Day weekend the State Police announced that they will be out in force during the Labor Day weekend - which they do every year. So there shouldn't have been any surprises that more troopers would be enforcing the traffic laws. Were you surprised that one stopped you? You were told they would be out there but you went out and did it anyway.
CT State Police Statistics (Violations) for the weekend:
Speeding 1,940
Seat Belts 283
Other Violations 3,440
Drunk Driving 72
Accidents 265 (Including 52 injuries, 2 fatalities).

The 6,550 total is just for the State Police. How many more tickets/violations did the local police give out? Another 5,000, 10,000? How many tickets were given out by the police in the other 49 states? How many drivers throughout the United States are Dumber than a Rock?