You Believe That You’re Not Complicit In The Genocide Against The People Of Ukraine

It’s not happening to me, so why should I bother what my government is doing to the people of Ukraine, but it’s not just them. It’s also happening to the thousands of citizens in your own country who dared speak against your dictatorial government. And even now the government goons are arresting and jailing the peaceful protesters. Based on past practices of your government, they most likely are being tortured: those are your friends and neighbors.

That is what the German people thought in the ‘30s and ‘40s when their government killed 10 million of their own people. That government did not just kill six million Jews, but also the retarded, the insane, the sick, the aged, and the cripples. And then the bombs started falling and they most probably thought, “Why me, I didn’t do anything,” or “I was just following orders.”

Most probably, at this time, the bombs won’t be falling on you, but the murder and torture of your fellow citizens by your government will continue unabated. Stalin murdered twenty million of your citizens and starved millions of Ukrainians.

Belarus’s citizens are not innocent in this genocide either, as the invasion of an innocent country came from their border also.

Every person who allows and any government that takes away the freedom of any person is committing a crime against humanity. And, no one today can morally say, “It’s none of my business.” 

You Don’t Believe That The Best Defense Is A Strong Offense

What would I do if I had some say in the defense of my country.

My plan would be to use a battalion size (1,000) troop to go on the offensive into the country that invaded my country, to do to their citizens what the invaders were doing to my fellow citizens. The troop would not be able to continue their offensive for long; therefore, I would have another battalion at the border to cover their withdrawal from their pursuers.

While in the invading country, the battalion would cause as much damage, cause as much mayhem, and death as possible. I would have them plant booby-traps and mine the roads as they withdrew. Once one of the people in that city was killed or wounded by one of the traps the whole city would live in fear for months following the raid. This would cause the invading army to use some of their resources to try to clear the traps from the city and the mines from the roads. It also would cause the people in the other border towns to be paranoid and the military to wonder if or where or when another raid might occur; causing them to stretch their resources even further.

This, of course, would be an extremely dangerous mission, but would it be any more dangerous than merely staying on the defensive from a much stronger invading army? I think not.

Note: I am not a military strategist: merely a person who thinks.