You Change Lane Into Oncoming Traffic Around A Parked Car

Someone asked me the other day “who has the right-of-way when approaching a parked vehicle on the roadway blocking your lane?”

This has always been a hard question to answer as basically both cars have one-half of the available roadway. This is fine when there's no parked car that blocks your lane. The law speaks of Stationary Emergency or Maintenance Vehicles with flashing lights. But what if it's not one of those vehicles? As the law is quite specific when encountering those vehicles why can't we use that law for any other type of vehicle or obstruction in your travel lane.
If, “you are required to make a lane change, you must make the lane change only if it's safe to do so according to road and traffic conditions. If a lane change is not possible, prohibited by law, or unsafe, you must slow down to a reasonable and proper speed for the existing conditions and be prepared to stop.” And, of course, stop if necessary to avoid a collision.