You Talk On Your Cell Phone, Text or Engage in Distracting Activities While Driving.

The good news is that there are 6,000 less drivers on our highways that won't engage in these type of activities anymore. Did they get smarter? No, they were all killed in car accidents last year. Probably the same amount will be killed this year so next year there will be 12,000 less distracted drivers which, hopefully, will help keep us non-distracted drivers safer.
I am going to assume that 20% of the 500,000 drivers who were injured while texting, etc. got clued in. Not only because of their injuries and their cars being all banged up, but also that their car insurance rates went up for the next three years. That still leaves 400,000 drivers that we have to watch out for. That's why we have to drive defensively.
Special Request: Stay away from my car. Pick on a tree.

You Believe That He Will Stop Beating You.

The odds of that happening are worse than if you bought one lotto ticket a year and hit the Power Ball. The first time he hits you should be the last time. “He apologized and promised never to hit me again.” The apology is to keep you with him so he can continue to control you. The promise is merely a lie as it is impossible for him to keep it. Only mature persons can keep a promise and abusers are probably the most immature people on this planet. The promise will only last until he beats you again, whether it's a day, week or month, but the beating will come.. How many beatings does it take before you have a clue that you should leave?
Why should you leave as early in the relationship as possible and/or have nothing to do with the abuser? Because the sooner you extricate yourself from the relationship the less he has invested in you and the easier it is for him to let go. Once the investment in you, in his mind, is total the only out for him is to kill you.