You Believe Everything Other Drivers Tell/Signal You While Driving.

If I'm driving why is this under Personal Safety? Bad guys try to get you out of your car. By signaling/telling you that there's something wrong with your car they believe that you will stop and get out. Once out of your car it becomes a Personal Safety issue. One way to avoid this is to learn the sounds of your car, so listen to it the next time you're driving. If you are being signaled and your car sounds normal, don't stop. If it doesn't sound normal attempt to drive to a more public place. But do not drive onto a deserted side street where you will become more vulnerable. USE YOUR CELL PHONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to call for help. If your car is not drivable then pull over, lock your doors and call for help. Blowing your horn continuously will attract attention and may cause the perpetrator(s) to leave you alone. Only a uniformed policeman in a marked cruiser should be trusted. Bad guys will show you a fake badge to gain your trust.