You Believe Everything Other Drivers Tell/Signal You While Driving.

If I'm driving why is this under Personal Safety? Bad guys try to get you out of your car. By signaling/telling you that there's something wrong with your car they believe that you will stop and get out. Once out of your car it becomes a Personal Safety issue. One way to avoid this is to learn the sounds of your car, so listen to it the next time you're driving. If you are being signaled and your car sounds normal, don't stop. If it doesn't sound normal attempt to drive to a more public place. But do not drive onto a deserted side street where you will become more vulnerable. USE YOUR CELL PHONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to call for help. If your car is not drivable then pull over, lock your doors and call for help. Blowing your horn continuously will attract attention and may cause the perpetrator(s) to leave you alone. Only a uniformed policeman in a marked cruiser should be trusted. Bad guys will show you a fake badge to gain your trust.

Of course not all drivers who try to get your attention are bad guys. Some signals are helpful. If the other driver is hollering "fire" and in the rear view mirror you see a lot of smoke and flames in the back seat, do pull over and get out.
Waving to you to come into the roadway in front of his car from the parking lot is merely a form of courtesy. These drivers then will no longer pay attention to you.
Here are two signals that I use to tell the other driver that he has had his blinker on for the last 32,000 miles without turning. If/when I pass him and get in front of his car I turn on the left signal for three clicks, right signal for three clicks, left then right, then left then right for all of the 32,000 miles and he usually still doesn't have a clue. Or I extend my thumb and fingers out fully and open and close them quickly, like a duck, simulating a flashing light. This one really baffles them and most of the other drivers think I'm insane.
You should also learn where safe places are on your routine drives, like to and from work. Police stations, gas stations, and other places that usually have a lot of people.


Jonathan Gobeil aka Lunchbox 2.0 said...

Nate, you have an amazing story and a wonderful passion. I respect you and are honored to have meet you and comment on your site. I love your sense of humor but also your seriousness in the matter. Keep up the good work and confront me next time you see me at Price Chopper. Feel free to give me some extra cards and i will gladly give them out to those who truly need it. I recommend you reach out to the public high schools by going to talk to the driver's Ed teacher both at eastern and central high school and tell them to give the cards out to students to go visit your site.

Mark said...

There is something to be said about trusting what other drivers tell you. Back in February a "courteous" driver waved somebody directly into my line of travel. If it wasn't for my fast reaction, that could have been his last manuever. Instead I was able to avoid him and I hit a light pole instead. So, yeah, don't trust the "courteous" drivers either.
Years ago, you taught me about steering out of accidents instead of just using the brakes. It has been helpful for me many times. Maybe that could be a subject for your site. Maybe this time my steering didn't have a perfect ending, but if I tried to just use my brakes, the results would have been much worse. Thanks

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