You Don't Know What Flashing Headlights Mean

Every driver seems to know that when an approaching car's driver flashes his high beams it means cop ahead.  That is true in many situations but certainly not the only reason the other drivers do it.  I live on a high mesa where there are a lot of animals, mainly deer and turkeys.  When I encounter animals in or near the roadway I flash the oncoming drivers of the danger, not only for the safety of the animals but also their safety.  Hitting a large animal at an advanced speed will certainly cause (heavy) damage to the car but also many times cause serious injury to the occupants of the car.  These are not the only reasons why drivers flash their high beams.  What about construction ahead; an accident blocking the roadway; an emergency vehicle partially in the roadway, such as a police vehicle that stopped to assist a motorist or give the driver a citation for a violation; rocks in the roadway in their lane in avalanche-prone areas, or any number of other hazardous obstacles.  No need to slam on your brakes sending your passengers through the windshield.  But certainly, let up on the accelerator (gas pedal) allowing the vehicle to slow down a bit and be ready to slow down further or stop if necessary.  If you're speeding, then, of course, hit the brakes and get back to the speed limit before you get to the spot where the cop is hiding behind the billboard.  Of course, as an LEO (retired) I never hid behind a billboard, but around a curve.

You Don't Know What You Are as a Law Enforcement Officer

When a law enforcement officer breaches his oath he is no longer an officer. But what about the oath?  It must be to protect the Constitution if his country has one, the laws of his country if they are moral and to protect the people of his city, state or country.  An oath is illegal and never binding if its intent is to protect the government or sworn to a specific person.  No man or government is above the moral laws of humanity.  Any supposed law enforcement officer who swears allegiance to an individual is a thug, criminal or insane.  Some officers may believe that because they are being paid by the government he must obey the orders of said government.  That belief is a total falsehood as no government has ever paid their employees.  In fact, no government has ever had any money to pay anyone.  All government employees are paid by the citizens of their country whether through the taxes that they pay or that the government obtains other capital by confiscating (stealing) the natural resources or the resources of its citizens.  "I was only following orders," uttered many officers as they were marched to the gallows or prison.  The Nuremberg Trials after WWII has clearly defined this concept.  If an officer follows an unlawful order (an order against humanity) he and only he is responsible for the action that he takes.  You can't blame it on any one else.  I would venture to say that nearly half of the alleged police officers in the world are merely goons of one other man.  When that man falls then all your (unlawful) powers disappear overnight.  Then what will you do?  The next tyrannical leader must kill you as your pledge was to support another, not him.  But if your oath is to your country then you can serve under any change in government.  To the good moral officers I wish you a safe journey through your profession.  To all the others, how does it feel knowing that you're merely a stooge?
(I'm a retired Law Enforcement Officer.)

You Have No Means For Self-Defense

The most efficient tool for personal self defense is a weapon.  The most efficient weapon is the gun.  Every able-bodied person, of sound mind, in the world should own one.  It doesn't matter whether your government says or has laws against you owning one.  Most people in the world are slaves as they have no way to defend themselves and must obey their master/government.  Governments disarm their citizens because they are afraid of them as they (and they know) are lousy, greedy, power hungry, elitist, psychotic leaders.  These leaders believe that they have the right to do what they want to their subjects.  I call you subjects because only in a free country are there citizens.
Are you afraid of your government?  You should be, as in the last century, governments, after disarming their citizens, murdered 170,000,000 of you.  More of you are killed by your government than all the enemies in all the wars.  If most of the criminals in your countries can obtain guns, despite all the laws, why can't you?  Criminals are smarter than most as they don't tell the government that they have guns.  Why would you?   The irony is that the educated people should know better but they either do nothing or feel secure, but they are the ones in the most danger.  "It can't happen to me.  I'm educated."  Cambodia, 1975-1979.  "During that time, about 1.5 million Cambodians out of a total population of 7 to 8 million died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. ... The Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to socially engineer a classless peasant society, took particular aim at intellectuals, city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, civil servants and religious leaders."  (Source:  Isn't that what the American and most European governments are trying to do today?  Attempting to socially engineer a new society?   Muslim jihadists are trying to send you back to the 7th century.  Should be "fun" times.

You Don't Know What Stealing Is.

Pennsylvania Law:  "theft of lost property."  (where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner).  Most states have the same or similar laws.
A few months back my son lost his cell phone.  He was able to trace it to an affluent street in Philadelphia but could not pin-point the exact house as then the phone was probably turned off.  As a college student it was a major loss as he had to replace it with another at a cost of $400.00.
The finder probably using the excuse that "finders keepers, losers weepers" knows or is ignorant of the fact that that old saying is not true.
The finder could have easily found the owner merely by calling any of the phone numbers listed on said phone.  Obviously anyone owning these numbers knows my son or he wouldn't have their number listed as contacts.
Or just as easily turn the phone into the nearest police station where an officer would have called any of the numbers listed on the phone to easily trace the owner.
The finder, who lives on an affluent street, most likely has a lot more money than a struggling college student and through his arrogance and lack of empathy feels that he had a windfall and bragged to his family and friends of his good luck.  Obviously his family and friends are just as ignorant as he and/or were afraid to tell him that he was now a criminal.  Being of the same mindset, i.e., ignorant, stupid and cowards.

  • theft of services;
  • theft of lost property (where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner)
  • - See more at:

  • theft of services;
  • theft of lost property (where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner)
  • - See more at:
    theft of lost property (where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner) - See more at:
    theft of lost property (where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner) - See more at:

    You Leave Your Keys in the Ignition

    "Many auto thefts are crimes of 'opportunity.' Leaving the keys in your car (even a 'hidden' spare key) greatly increases your chances of having your car stolen. Leaving your vehicle unoccupied with the engine running, even for a minute, is illegal in itself; but it greatly increases the chance that your car will be stolen. It is truly a helpless feeling to watch your car being driven away by a total stranger as you stand 10 feet away at an ATM or mailbox. Take your keys with you even for quick trips. Needless to say, this is especially true if you have children or pets in the vehicle."
    Courtesy of the Seattle Police Department.  Suggested by my brother George.

    You Hog The Road On Mountain Passes

    My wife and I, today, drove from Durango to Grand Junction, CO.  Although most drivers we encountered were cautious and seemed like good mountain drivers, others were not.  While driving on the cliff side, no shoulder, no guard rails, drivers approaching who were on the mountain side hugged and sometimes crossed the double yellow lines around curves.  This gave us cliff side drivers no room for error.  Some of the cliff side road was somewhat undermined or came into the road.  So sometimes we had even less than "no shoulder".  If you had a brain you'd know that it's far less dangerous scrapping the side of the hill than making the oncoming car drop 300-500 feet down into the canyon below.  So if the hill is on your side favor the white line on your right so those coming in the opposite direction, cliff side, can favor the center line.  Three other dangerous situations we encountered was the car passing us in a no passing zone, another tailgating us and several cars , at one point, swerving into my lane to avoid hitting several small rocks on the roadway in their lane.  Where did they expect us to go, over the cliff so they don't hit small rocks?  Stay in your lane and adjust your speed so you can stop for any obstructions.  Just stay out of the cliff-side lane until it's clear of cars.
    Coming back, going South, was a bit less disconcerting as more of the time we were on the hill side instead of the cliff side.

    You Don't Love Freedom

    As a freedom lover watching the decline of freedom in my country, the United States of America, it is difficult for me to understand it when many brave people throughout the world are fighting so hard to preserve or gain theirs.  The Ukraine today and Egypt last year comes to mind.  Other former stalwart countries like Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom that fought so hard during WWII to preserve democracy for the world have also let many of their freedoms disappear.  These countries have, like America is now trying, disarmed their citizens.  Does anyone even remember that during the last century 170,000,000 citizens have been killed by their own governments after they were disarmed.  Many foreign nationals dislike the United States for whatever reason I will never comprehend, but think, where will you go to escape tyranny if America ever becomes a dictatorship.  How many millions have already fled to America.  We are not against aliens, everyone in America is either an alien or a descendant of aliens.  For most of those years when America was developing they came for freedom.  Not to inject their form of tyranny into America.  If you want the same here as in your country, why don't you just stay there?  We don't want any form of tyranny, dictatorship or control over us by our or any government entity.  I salute all, throughout the world, who are brave and fighting for freedom.

    You Tailgate.

    Although I've mentioned this in several other Posts there's (almost) always someone behind me that is tailgating.  If you insist on being that close to me why don't we just car pool.  Another great idea is why don't I just tow your car.  It would save you a lot of gas.  Many times you're that close anyway.  I'm an advocate of the two-second rule even though the high school driving classes are teaching a four-second rule, which is a joke.  No one follows the four-second rule.  Most young drivers follow the one-half-second rule.  The leading cause of death of young drivers is tailgating.
    When I tap my brakes several times it's not because I don't know the difference between the gas and brake pedals.  And, when I frantically wave at you and slow way down it's not because I know you or want to pick you up.  No.  It's because you're stupid and following too close putting me in danger.  And what about you cowardly passengers; afraid to say something.  The driver is placing your life in danger also.  Statistics show that it's the passenger(s) that gets killed or crippled.  What would you think about the jerk, because of his immature driving, who crippled you for life.  It's your life - say something.  If you're a girl and you believe that the jerk will continue dating you, marry you and give you beautiful children after turning you into a quadriplegic you're more stupid than him.
    What is the four-second rule?  At night, low visibility, unfamiliar roads, etc., three-second rule.  Rain, sleet, snow, slippery streets, mountain driving with many curves, four-second rule, and slow down.