You Tailgate.

Although I've mentioned this in several other Posts there's (almost) always someone behind me that is tailgating.  If you insist on being that close to me why don't we just car pool.  Another great idea is why don't I just tow your car.  It would save you a lot of gas.  Many times you're that close anyway.  I'm an advocate of the two-second rule even though the high school driving classes are teaching a four-second rule, which is a joke.  No one follows the four-second rule.  Most young drivers follow the one-half-second rule.  The leading cause of death of young drivers is tailgating.
When I tap my brakes several times it's not because I don't know the difference between the gas and brake pedals.  And, when I frantically wave at you and slow way down it's not because I know you or want to pick you up.  No.  It's because you're stupid and following too close putting me in danger.  And what about you cowardly passengers; afraid to say something.  The driver is placing your life in danger also.  Statistics show that it's the passenger(s) that gets killed or crippled.  What would you think about the jerk, because of his immature driving, who crippled you for life.  It's your life - say something.  If you're a girl and you believe that the jerk will continue dating you, marry you and give you beautiful children after turning you into a quadriplegic you're more stupid than him.
What is the four-second rule?  At night, low visibility, unfamiliar roads, etc., three-second rule.  Rain, sleet, snow, slippery streets, mountain driving with many curves, four-second rule, and slow down. 


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