You Don't Know, "My (golfing) thought for today." Under-clubbing.

Stop Under-clubbling.

Today, I watched four golfers hit on a short par 3. The closest to the green was 3/4ers of the way and the shortest was less than halfway.

Amateurs are afraid that their golf ball will go over the green, so they always under-club.

Let's stick to the par-3's for now, but it still works for the 2nd shot on a par-4, and the third shot on a par-5.

By being afraid to go past the flag, you never reach the green, let alone the hole; therefore, it takes one more shot to reach the green.
1 shot 3/4'ers of the way plus 1 shot to the green = 2 shots.

If you shoot for over-the-green, you'll have to chip back to the green.
1 shot over the green plus 1 chip shot back to the green = 2 shots, so what have you lost.  2 shots or 2 shots to get on the green is the same number of shots.

But if you go for an over-the-green shot; 80% of the time, the ball will land on the green, saving you one stroke.

With an 80% success rate you'll save 14 strokes off of your score. (14 strokes will only work if you also use this on the 4's and 5's, not just the par 3's.)

But amateurs won't even try it, as they're afraid.

Remember the truest statement in golf.

"Never up, never in."

Meaning: If the ball never reaches the hole it will never go in.