You Don't Delete Your Twitter Account

By Monday, Jan. 4th, Twitter stock was down 6.41% since the previous Friday's close. The company lost 5B, that's billions, in market value since closing down Trump's account. I wonder if their stockholders are happy? I predict that their president and many of the VP's will be fired soon. 
And, stocks dropped another 1.46% yesterday (4th). That's about another billion on top of the 5 billion already lost since last Friday. Good job. If you're still on the site, it's a good time to delete your account. 
We the People are the bosses, no big company (tech) can remain solvent without our patronage. When we remove our support they have nothing left. Let's see what the others do after we bankrupt Twitter. Let's see what their stockholders do. Let's see where their $100,000.00 to $5,00,000.00 salaried and bonus employees go to get a job coming from a company that they bankrupted? I'd venture to say that no other company would want to hire them. 
If I was an employee now, I'd certainly start looking for another job. It's going to be much harder later coming from a bankrupt company.  Many of you are going to be laid-off soon anyway.
And if I was a stockholder, I'd dump my stocks before their value drops to near zero.
IMO --  Any publicly traded company that tries to restrict Freedom of Speech should be driven out of business.


You Don't Believe That, "History Repeats Itself." Similarity Between Joan of Arc and President Donald J. Trump

 Comparison Between The One Who Saved France And The One Who Saved America.

(History does, in fact, repeat itself).
As anyone who has any knowledge of history knows that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by the British on May 30, 1431. The main crime, among others, was that she cross-dressed, that is, she wore men's clothing. Which, of course, she did, among other reasons, while leading the French army in the Battle of Orleans between October 1428 and May 1429. This solidified The Dauphin's (Charles VII) throne as the King of France. 
In 1430, in another battle, she was captured and sold to the English. After all that Joan did for the Dauphin, who was very weak in character, he did nothing to save her and we all know what happened to Joan as I related at the beginning of the story.
Fast forward to the year 2020, specifically November 3rd, when the American people turned on the one who saved America. How did he accomplish this? By, “Operation Warp-Speed.” If the other party had been elected President the vaccine would have been developed in four or five years. Due to the easier transmittal of the virus, America, and the rest of the world could have easily gone through another period of history called the Black Plague. 
The Plague started in Eurasia where it killed between 75-200 million people and then spread throughout Europe that killed up to 50% of its population. Covid-19 could have lasted for four years like the Black Plague did from 1347 to 1351. 
Although the one who saved America was not burned at the stake, at least not yet, he has been impeached and the haters want to try to impeach him again, merely 10-days before his term of office ends, cut off from social media, vilified, and all the Dauphin's of today, that he helped, have turned against him.
History is replete with examples of, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

You Don't Dispose Of Your Prescription Drugs Properly

It is a fact that the human body does not totally absorb the total amount of the drug that we consume, so when we go to the bathroom we flush what is not consumed out of the body and it eventually goes into the ground; therefore, some eventually winds up in the water that is underground. By properly disposing of our prescription drugs that have expired or no longer needed in a proper disposal box at a Pharmacy/Drug Store we won't create a bigger problem of contaminating the potable (drinking) water supply.

If you live in a rural area you probably have a well and a septic tank and if in a hilly area the leaching fields are on a downgrade. If you're lucky, then the water will flow towards your down-slope neighbor's well from where he gets his water for drinking and cooking, but what if your neighbor is on the up slope, then the water from his leaching fields just might be running into your well. Generally, the trace amount that is excreted from the body should not pose a major problem, but if your neighbor disposes of a large quantity of prescription drugs it could possibly cause some contamination of the area water supply.

Everyone also has a varied supply of over-the-counter medicine for just-in-case. When these expire do you merely flush them down the toilet? Couldn't these also contaminate the water supply?

Some people may think that the sewers in the cities or those in a community sewer system can't pose a problem as they believe that the sewerage is properly disposed of, but is it? We all remember the poblem with the water supply in Flint a few years ago and what about this public water supply? “Residents of eight cities have been alerted that a brain-eating amoeba was found in a southeast Texas water supply, . . . .”  Was this caused by a combination of legal and illegal drugs that were not disposed of properly? There are enough problems with the water without we humans deliberately adding to it. Dispose of your drugs properly.

There will never be any more or any less water on earth. What is here now will always be here. But, 97% of the water is in the oceans that we can not drink, 2% is frozen, and only 1% is potable water. Yes, we can desalinate ocean water like they do on ships and in dry countries bordering an ocean like Isreal, but that water is expensive and is only a drop in the bucket compared to that 1%.  Let's all help to keep that 1% potable.