You're A Girl And Let Biological Boys Compete Against you

What's the matter with you?.

Don't wrestle with him, then they'll be no contest to watch, so no spectators. Let him stand in the arena by himself. If in a race, all the girls should just stay at the starting line and let him run by himself, or when the starting gun goes off, just leave and go home. It won't take long before that stops.

You have all the power, but are you smart enough to use it? How about 100 girls join the boys' basketball and football teams. No girls should sign up for girls' track, swimming team, basketball team, and anything else that's supposed to be all girls. Let the one or two boys make up the girls' team. Don't join any teams or clubs, the school band, absolutely anything. Let the boys play with themselves.

Believe me, it won't take long.

Note: If you're accepted on the football team and the coach tells you to go in, just say, "I don't feel like playing right now," and continue doing your nails.


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