You Don't Have A Code Word

A few days ago I met a neighbor's son.  We only had a brief conversation as his dad reminded him that they were late in picking up his daughter.  I don't know where his daughter was or her age and those facts are not germane to this Post.  What is important is that a daughter, like all children, doesn't get in a car with a stranger, especially one that doesn't know the Code Word.

Both the child and parent should never divulge the Code Word unless necessary, so the child can be picked up by a trusted person.  Although this has been around for many years, it's a good idea to repeat it for those who may not be aware of it.

The important thing is to convince the child never to say it, but that only the adult that will pick up the child will say it.  Why?

Pedophiles are very cunning people.  Many know of this safety factor and therefore will try to trick the child in revealing the Code Word by telling the child that he was sent by his mother and that she can't get a ride home unless she (the child) knows the code word; thereby, revealing it to the pedophile who will then confirm it; putting the child at ease and then able to get the child in the car.

Of course, unless it's a life or death situation, a parent should never ask someone to pick up their child that the child doesn't know and trust.