You Don't Have Firewood

Of course, firewood is not the only source of alternate heating, but you should have a source in the event of a power failure.  I've been in several situations when the electricity went out for six days.  Luckily I have two fireplaces in the house I now live in.  But what good would they be, in an emergency, if I had no wood?  My wife and I also like the comfort it gives us by just looking at a fire and enjoying its warmth and smell on a cold winter night.  Living in the mountains we have many fires in the summer also in the chilly evenings.
Not all alternative heating sources are appropriate for indoor heating; such as charcoal which gives off a deadly gas which has caused the death of many people.  Always make sure that the fuel, space heaters, whether kerosene or electrical, etc. are safe for indoor use.
For the past two weeks, I've made a dozen phone calls and went to a few places that supposedly sells firewood.  Some never returned my calls and others had mostly soft wood, which is not, in my opinion, the best kind to use in a fireplace.  Well, today I finally found a company who had the kind of wood I was looking for, and for a fair price.  The owner and his helper were very courteous, he promptly returned my call, and the wood was delivered within a few hours and stacked properly.  It's imperative to have on hand, or to know where to quickly get an adequate supply of an alternative fuel source.

If you live within a reasonable driving distance from Ruidoso, New Mexico I certainly would recommend that you give my supplier a call.  Stay warm.
Forrest's Forestry, LLC.  575-808-0550 or 575-491-8886.