There Were a Lot of Tears Today

Fifteen years of a perfect companionship ended today. When he first came home he would fit in the palm of one of my hands. Soft white fur with a black nose made it a joy to gaze upon him. On many days he would take either my wife or I, and sometimes both, on a walk. He never got over 20 1/2 pounds but today he only weighed 15 1/2 as in the last month he was rapidly losing weight. One month ago he was in the hospital for six days and it seemed that he might get better. But he did for only a few weeks and again started to deteriorate. The last three days we had to take him to a vet for an evaluation. Monday evening we couldn't make up our minds even though we knew that we probably should have. But Tuesday again, then Wednesday. After watching him and trying to take care of him with medication, pain pills and eye drops nothing seemed to work in his favor. For the last three days he followed either my wife or I everywhere we went in the house. It seemed that he was trying to say, why aren't you helping me, am I invisible to you? As much as we wanted to keep him at least until Christmas, and forever, so he could open the toy that I had bought for him. He used to like to open his own present on Christmas day. So excited he was. My wife was very brave today for making the decision that was best for him. I'm glad and maybe I was a little selfish to not make the decision on Monday night as we had him for an additional two days. But then, today, it was time. His name was Max.