You Panic, Instead of Steering Out of Trouble--Another Example.

Several years ago while driving down a steep four-lane access mountain road leaving a ski resort in Colorado, I encountered a cross street.  As the cross street was only two lanes, I thought that it was controlled by a stop sign, but it was not.  The intersection was controlled by a red light high above the road.

As I was on the downhill I didn't see it.  Unfortunately the light was red in my direction, so the two cars on the side street from the left started coming out.  When either my wife or daughter said that I had the red light, the first car was directly in front of me.

At this time I had about less than 100 feet on a steep downhill, snow-covered, slippery road.  If I had jammed on my brakes, (read panic), I would have skidded into the right side of the first car.  At this point I'm assuming that the second car saw that I wasn't stopping, so he must have slowed down a bit and never got up to the medium divider on the highway.

Instead of jamming on my brakes I steered around the danger.  Taking my foot off of the gas pedal I put a slight pressure on the brake pedal.  Not enough to stop the wheels from turning.  This gave me steering control.  The front car continued to move giving me a little more space behind it, so I was able to steer my car a few feet onto the roadway between the median divider and then back onto the passing lane avoiding the first car by approximately 2 to 6 inches.  I was trveling at about 40 mph and never slowed down throughout the ordeal.

That was the second time my mind went into slow motion allowing me the time to figure out what to do.  When your mind goes into slow-motion you actually see what is about to happen, so you just do it.

After the incident, my daughter said, "I knew that you wouldn't let anything bad happen to us."

I wish that I had that much confidence in myself sometimes.

You Don't Know How To Avoid An Accident

I saw the aftermath of two accidents in the last two days.
1. Very black skid marks from the left lane up to the right lane, then none. Then van continued traveling off the right side of highway (4-lane access) through the fence and upside down in the field. That kind of maneuver is nearly impossible to perform except in a panic.
Suggestion: Stop over-correcting. Take foot off of the gas and concentrate on steering out of the trouble, not on stopping.
Ex.: Years ago while driving on a six-lane Interstate highway I ran over a tire. I didn't see it until the last second as it was wall-to-wall traffic. Unfortunately, the tire included the steel rim. I moved slightly left as I didn't want it to hit under me. Hitting the floor under the foot section of the passenger side, it lifted my car. I took my foot off of the gas and concentrated on steering out of trouble. I drove on two wheels for approx. 500-feet allowing the car to slow down by itself. I knew that if I oversteered or applied the brakes that I would land upside down. If I had turned the front wheel to the right I would have tipped over. I kept the wheel pointed slightly to the left. Luckily I had just enough highway to allow the car to drop back on its four wheels. I then continued to allow the car to slow down and when it slowed enough I drove it off of the right side of the road. Only then did I apply the brakes to stop it. The car was totaled. I was not injured--not even a scratch.
Note: If you don't panic your mind will go into slow-motion, like mine did, and you'll have all the time in the world to figure it out, safely. What was probably 30-seconds seemed like 5+ minutes. (My mind has gone into slow-motion twice).
2. Four-way intersection at a red light. Car entering from the right, turning right, half-way into the intersection. The driver drives directly into the left side just in front of the driver's door.
Did she push the yellow light? Most probably.
Did he just assume that because the light turned green that he could go? Most probably.
It is not illegal to go through a yellow light but in her case, she most probably only saw the yellow light and just went past the light never realizing that it had already turned red by the time she got to the cross street.
It takes 2-3 seconds after a light turns red before the light at the cross street turns green.
Suggestions: 1. Stop pushing the yellow light.
2. Count to three after the light turns green before starting out. And if there is a car still in the intersection, don't run into it. Don't merely look but actually see what is in front of you.
look - to turn one's eyes toward something. Shouldn't be merely at the light but also on the road ahead before you start up.
see - to perceive with the eyes; To understand what is ahead; thereby to be able to avoid the danger.
Ask yourself. Was the 3-seconds spent at the intersection better than the days or weeks that your damaged car will be in the repair shop? Would the 3-seconds spent before leaving the intersection make a difference in the time that you would have arrived at your destination?
Was pushing the light worth the accident?

You Mistreat Dogs

There Is A Place

There is a place in the afterlife for people who mistreat dogs. It's called "Dog's Revenge."  It's not hell, but it's near hell and you'll wish you were in hell instead of in "Dog's Revenge."
How it works, as I saw it in my premonition.
The weight distribution will be reversed. If you're 100 pounds and your dog is 10 pounds, then you'll be 10 pounds and your dog will weigh 100 pounds.
If you now kick your dog twice a day, then your dog will kick you 20 times a day, every day for eternity.
If you now chain your dog outside in the winter, then your dog will do the same to you. As thirsty as you will be, you won't be able to drink from the water bowl because the water will be frozen like your dog's water bowl is now.
You'll only be fed one-half as much as you're feeding your dog now. And if the food you're feeding it is merely half-rotten scraps, then your food will be more foul and putrid.
If in your anger, you throw your puppy against the wall, he, then, will drop-kick you against the wall whenever it remembers a time that you did it to it; and his memory will be excellent so he will be drop-kicking you against a wall almost on a daily basis.
If you are now torturing dogs, every one of them will be there torturing you, constantly taking turns for all of eternity.
A trillion years of eternity is like a second in the lifetime of a human who lives to 100-years-old.
My premonition did not exclude those who make their dogs fight, and even the spectators will be made to fight every day getting their face chewed up and their body to suffer from the injuries. Made to fight daily, never allowing time for the injuries to heal.
If you've ever dropped off a dog in the woods or countryside to fend for itself, that is what your dog will do to you. Your plight will be to forever roam the forest tormented by wild dogs. You will never be molested by them, but always have in your mind 10 times the fear that your dog felt.
The only way to avoid this is to immediately start treating your dog like the loving pet that it is and that he so richly deserves.
My advice then is if you can't treat a dog properly: don't get one. If you already have one, turn it in, to a shelter.

You Can't Figure It Out.

The only time a gun owner will cut in front of the line is when he'll register or surrender his guns.

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