You Don't Buy American Made

Would you buy something from someone who just killed your son? Depends if he's selling the product cheaper than the other guy. Saving $50.00 is more important than your dead son.

True story: When the US was still making VCR's a lady went to buy one. She was shown one made in the USA and one made in Japan. She told the clerk that she would never buy anything made in Japan as her son was killed in the Pacific by the Japanese during WWII. When she found out that the one made in Japan was cheaper she bought that one.
Blood may be thicker than water but money is thicker than blood.

Why are we in such financial straights and most of our factories are shut down, simple, we buy the cheapest garbage without regard to our economy.  How much do we buy from China today?

Moral of the story is: Want a job, keep your job, buy American.

You're Jealous of our Statistics

The Northeast had the highest increase of traffic deaths in 2010.  All the other areas of the country had a decline.  Ha, ha, we win.  We're not going to obey any, we think, stupid laws like talking or texting on the phone while driving.  It's a free country and if I want to endanger myself that's my choice.  This morning's example:  Lady while on cell phone passes on a two lane highway while car is oncoming.  The line of cars in front of her ran for nearly 1/2 mile.  My daughter had to swerve to the side of the road to avoid a head-on collision.  The passer (idiot) cut in front of the one car in front of her.  What did she gain?  Nothing.  Would that have gotten her to her destination sooner?  Not really.  Will she kill herself someday soon?  Hopefully.  What I suggest to talkers and texters while driving is to do it on country roads with no, or very light traffic.  Then you'd just hit a tree or telephone pole and only kill or injury yourself.  Not during heavy traffic as that endangers others who aren't as stupid as you - which is not fair.
Oh, passenger!  How stupid are you if you allow the driver to do it.

You Don't Know What The Truth Is

You don't know what the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is.
plural truths
1 a archaic : fidelity, constancy b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance2 a (1) : the state of being the case : fact 
(2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true <truths of thermodynamics> c : the body of true statements and propositions
  1. Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
  2. Her story contains a grain of truth but also lots of exaggeration
the truth - what the witness experienced
the whole truth - not leaving any material out
nothing but the truth - definitely no lies

You Don't Clean Up Your Area

In January of this year I published a post titled   (You Are Stupid If)  "You Don't Trim The Bushes".  Twelve days ago here in Northern Connecticut we got clobbered with 850,000 households losing power.  Some homes still don't have any.  Many roads were impassable with downed trees, branches, power lines, etc.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself as natural disasters occur all over the country.  Some much worse than what we just went through. 
After several days most of the roads were passable but many spots had a few branches and snow on the road.  Of course if there are downed wires or wires wrapped around the tree or branches you should stay clear and leave the cleanup to the professionals.  But, in many places there were a few small branches and a small pile of snow in the travelled portion of the road in front of houses.  A 10-year-old could have cleared it by moving the branch and about 5 shovel fulls of snow thrown on the lawn or sidewalk.  This would have prevented hundreds of cars from having to travel in the opposite lane which, of course, is always dangerous. 

You Drive In The Rain With Your Cruise Control

A 36 year old female had an accident several weeks ago.
It was raining, though not excessively and her car suddenly began to hydro-plane and literally flew through the air. She was not seriously injured but very stunned at the sudden occurrence! When she explained to the highway patrolman what had happened, he told her something that every driver should know - NEVER DRIVE IN THE RAIN WITH YOUR CRUISE CONTROL ON .
She thought she was being cautious by setting the cruise control and maintaining a safe consistent speed in the rain.. But the highway patrolman told her that if the cruise control is on, your car will begin to hydro-plane when the tires lose contact with the pavement, and your car will accelerate to a higher rate of speed making you take off like an airplane.
She told the patrolman that was exactly what had occurred. The patrolman said this warning should be listed, on the driver's seat sun visor - NEVER USE THE CRUISE CONTROL WHEN THE PAVEMENT IS WET OR ICY, along with the airbag warning. We tell our teenagers to set the cruise control and drive a safe speed - but we don't tell them to use the cruise control only when the pavement is dry.
The only person, the accident victim found, who knew this (besides the patrolman), was a man who had a similar accident, totaled his car and sustained severe injuries.
Some vehicles (supposedly) will not allow you to set the cruise control when the windshield wipers are on.

You Date Animal Abusers

Even more stupid if you marry one.  New information confirms that persons who abuse animals are prone to abusing their spouse and children.  This makes sense as it would probably be impossible for someone to take out their anger and frustration against only one species.  If the animal is not available when angers' ugly head rears up I don't think that the person can or would wait until the animal is available.  The person most probably would take out that anger against who or what is available.  Whether it's beating the wife, kids or destroying property.  Being with mature persons is the only way to be sure of  reaching an acceptable amount of happiness in life.  Animal abusers are far from being mature.

You Speed Up

A few days ago I made a left turn at a green light. I had enough clear road up ahead to make the turn without impeding oncoming traffic.  Not according to Mr. Big Truck driver and he was going to try to prove it by speeding up when he saw me.  How dare I cut in front of him, telling him that I'm better than him and that he was a wimp.  At least that is probably what he taught, in his feeble mind, so he was going to prove to me that he was just as good as me.  Of course, as we all know, it merely showed to the other drivers his inferiority complex. How sad that someone has to constantly prove to himself that he is a man.  If you're a man proof is never necessary.

You Visit Someone Who Has A Pit Bull

Two days ago a pit bull (dog) killed a 20 month old toddler.  They were from the South visiting relatives up North.  The caregiver left to go to the store across the street and when she returned the baby was dead.  Somehow one of the three pit bulls got out of the room where they were supposed to be locked up. On May 8, 2010 I specifically addressed this issue.  If you click on "Personal Safety", and scroll down to "You Think Wild Animals Are Tame" you will see that this is not the first time it has happened. 
Suggestion:  Don't go visit someone who has a pit bull.  Life is simple, stupidity is complicated.

You Are A Litterer

You just had the pack, with one cigarette in it, in your pocket.  You would probably kill your buddy if he took the pack and threw it out the window of the car.  It is the most valuable thing in the world to you right now, but in a few minutes you'll throw it out the window yourself.  If it was OK by you that the pack was in your pocket all day why isn't it OK for it to be in your pocket until you get home?  There you could dispose of it properly.
"If anyone ever hurt my dog or cat I'd kill them."  A lot of wild animals try to eat the garbage you throw out the window which many times causes them severe pain and death.  But that's OK because it's not your dog or cat.
"I don't know why the town always has to raise the property taxes?"  Maybe it's because the town has to pay someone to pick the trash that you throw out of your car.  You want a raise every year and so do the town maintenance crew, therefore more taxes.

You Don't Follow Bicycle Rules

My last post on Pedestrians stated that you walk facing traffic.  This seems to make sense to me as you can see oncoming traffic.  The direction of travel for bicycles is just the opposite.  You travel in the same direction as the cars, i.e., the cars are coming from behind you.  Where there is a sidewalk pedestrians use it no matter what the direction of traffic.  I presume then that if there is a dedicated bicycle lane the same would be true. (Check your state law).  Bicyclist must also follow all the Motor Vehicle Laws, pertaining to highway usage, that cars do.  Signaling when making a turn, stopping at red lights and stop signs, etc.  The problem is most parents don't teach their 10-12 year old bicycle riders the rules.  After all, it's just a bicycle.  He's just a kid.  If he gets run over, well he'll know better the next time.  (Only kidding, most parents don't say or think that).  But I would venture to say that they do think, "it's just a bike," or "he's just a kid."

You Don't Follow Pedestrian Rules

No pedestrian shall walk along and upon a roadway where a sidewalk adjacent to such roadway is provided and the use thereof is practicable. Where a sidewalk is not provided each pedestrian walking along and upon such roadway shall walk only on the shoulder thereof and as far as practicable from the edge of such roadway. Where neither a sidewalk nor a shoulder is provided each pedestrian walking along and upon such roadway shall walk as near as practicable to an outside edge of such roadway. (If you're walking abreast you're not walking near the outside edge). If such roadway carries motor vehicle traffic traveling in opposite directions each pedestrian shall walk only upon the left side of such roadway. (You're facing traffic).
A pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a crosswalk or any unmarked crosswalk shall yield the right of way to vehicles. If there is a tunnel or overhead pedestrian crossing vehicles have the right-of-way. (Use the pedestrian walkways). Forbidden to cross diagonally unless there is a pedestrian-control signal or a police officer. No pedestrian shall cross a roadway between adjacent intersections at which traffic or pedestrian-control signals are in operation except within a marked crosswalk. (Jaywalking). When in a crosswalk walk to the right half whenever possible. (This allows room for pedestrians crossing in the opposite direction).

You Think Your Spouse Can Never Testify Against You

On Wednesday, July 6, 2011, the Connecticut Supreme Court reversed a former karate instructor's conviction of risk of injury to a child. (The Hartford Courant, July 7, 2011).
The reason is that the prosecutor read an email on the accused computer's that was confiscated by the police. The email was intended for his lawyer which, of course, falls under the Privileged Communications Doctrine. The prosecutor stated that his reading it did not injure the defendant. You can say anything you want but it doesn't work that way.
The court wouldn't merely declare a mistrial as the next prosecutor would read the record about the email which would taint his case also.

Another area that cannot be brought up in court is Work Product. As a former Private Investigator working for attorneys I could not be subpoened to testify on the information I obtained.

You Predicted a Conviction

In the Casey Anthony case. Many lawyers and talking heads on TV predicted a guilty verdict. Why? To make themselves feel important. All they did was to embarrass themselves. Our Constitution says Innocent until proven Guilty. No one should speculate, or try to convince me, on the guilt or innocence of a person. I and only I will determine that; I AM THE JURY.
If you now feel that the state lost because all they had was Circumstantial Evidence, don't be too smug. Circumstantial Evidence has the same weight as Direct Evidence.
Note: A judge cannot overturn the finding of Not Guilty by a jury. He may, though, overturn a finding of Guilty if he feels that the state did not meet their burden.

You Overfill Your Gas Tank

When the gas pump nozzle clicks off automatically, DO NOT add a little more gas. You need extra room in your gas tank to allow the gasoline to expand. Topping off your gas tank is bad for the environment and your wallet. Any additional gas you try to pump into your tank may be drawn into the vapor line and fed back into the station’s storage tanks. (Of course you're still paying for this extra gas).
If you top off your tank, the extra gas may evaporate into your vehicle’s vapor collection system. That system may become fouled and will not work properly causing your vehicle to run poorly and have high gas emissions. Also the passenger compartment may have a gasoline odor and in worst cases, the car to catch fire.
The gas nozzle automatically clicks off when your gas tank is full. Did you read that last sentence?
The gas nozzle automatically clicks off when your gas tank is full. It's full. Don't try to put more gas in the tank.

You Think Other Stupid People Should Get Big Settlements

Trial lawyers today take almost any case hoping that a jury will give their client big money for their stupid acts. They usually are correct. Why do jurors find for the Plaintiff (the one who sues) even when the Plaintiff did something stupid but wants to get paid for the action. The jury finds against the Defendant (the person/company being sued) who did nothing wrong.
A jury finds the defendant – McDonalds – at fault and awards the lady who put hot coffee in her lap a million dollars. Now McDonalds has a sign saying that their coffee is hot.
A lady puts her Winnebago on cruise control and leaves the driver's seat to go make herself a sandwich. The Winnebago, of course, crashes and she sues the company. The company lost because their Owner's Manual didn't say not to leave the driver's seat while on cruise control – now it does. The jury gives her a new Winnebago and a million dollars. The price of a Big Mac went up a few cents which we all now pay. Jurors today think that companies have a lot of money so it doesn't matter how much it allots the Plaintiff. Where does this money come from – YOU! Every time you buy something today you pay additional so you (a member of the jury) can give tons of your money to the idiots. How smart a juror are you? NOT VERY.

You Don't Maintain Your Distance

This person is different than the "Gap Filler." The Gap Filler can't stand any distance between you and him. He sees you up ahead, gets lonesome, and speeds up until he's too close behind you and stays there.
This type of driver, like the one who followed me the other day, runs up to you, probably realizes he's too close, backs off, now thinks he's too far from you and runs up to you again. In a two mile stretch this driver must have done it at least a half-dozen times. You wonder if one of those times he's out to get you and will crash into you. It's very nerve racking so don't do it anymore. (The only time that maneuver is acceptable is if you do it to your mother-in-law to scare the dickens out of her). Why can't you just find a safe distance between the car in front of you and maintain your speed. This driver had distances of between two car lengths and a thousand feet. How much of a nervous jerk is he?

You Don't Use Jury Nullification When Warranted

One innocent man was sent back to prison for sexual assault of a child after the Supreme Court ruled he had no right to evidence that would later set him free.
Another was convicted of murder and came within weeks of being executed because prosecutors had hidden a blood test that later freed him.
Last week Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who argued that criminal defendants have no right to “potentially useful evidence” that “might” show they were innocent.
In the past, the court has shielded individual prosecutors from being sued, even if they deliberately framed an innocent person.1
A juror once asked the judge about Jury Nullification. The judge told him that it was not legal. How much trust would you put in a judge's opinion who lies to his jury to follow his own agenda instead of the law?
Juries originally were introduced into England to protect the individual from the tyranny of government. One of the first cases of Jury Nullification was in 1670. Jury Nullification even dates back to the Magna Carta. Could we not say that the above examples come close to tyranny by the government?

You're 16 or 17 And Still Tailgating

Tailgating (aka following too closely) is the #1 cause of accidents for 16 and 17 year old. Although the 2-second rule is generally accepted for most drivers it is now recommended that those in this age group should follow the 3-second or 4-scond rule. Why?
Because you don't have the time behind the wheel, knowledge or experience yet.
Rule: Pick a spot where the car in front of you is, start counting, 1-1,000, 2-1,000, 3-1,000. If you passed that spot before you got to 3-1000 then you were tail-gating.
Or use the tick, tock, tick, tock, tic, tock, rule on my other Post.

You're Not Concerned About Your Passengers

A few days ago a female passenger was dropped off at her house. They found her frozen to death in front of her house the next morning. When my children were in school I, like most parents, ferried them and their friends around. Whenever I dropped them off I would wait, especially at night, until I could see them inside their house. I would tell them, especially the girls, to either flick on the front light or wave so I knew they were and would be OK. There have been incidents where stalkers have waited outside a house and kidnapped/injured/killed young girls by their front door. This does not only pertain to children but also to older people and especially the elderly.
Another critical area is in a parking lot (especially) at night. Several people leave the building, get in their cars and leave the parking lot. The last person's car won't start and your friend is now left alone with no one to help. You were second to the last car but weren't smart enough to wait until your friend's car not only started, but also that the car moved behind you. If the car moved, it started up. Because you waited you drive home knowing that your co-worker or friend was not stranded in the night. And you feel good about being such a caring person. Don't you?
If you are the one being dropped off and believe that the driver is stupid you can ask the driver to wait until you get inside the house. Same in a parking lot. Ask someone to wait until your car is started.

You Aren't Concerned About "Home Firearms Safety."

Home Firearms Safety

“There is no more dangerous object in the house than an unloaded gun.” (Mark Twain).

Your handgun is safest when being carried, secured in its holster, and on your person. You are, or should be, aware of its condition, location and dangers associated with firearms.
But when the weapon is to be left in the home you have no physical control over that weapon. Gun owners and members of their families have been injured and killed because of complacency. You know that you would handle the weapon safely and therefore may feel that everyone else would do the same.
But have the other adults or older children been trained or briefed by you regarding firearms safety? And if they have, what about their friends or other visitors to your home? Can you expect your very young children or their friends to have the same understanding regarding firearms safety?
If you live alone the problem may be minimized and you may feel that it doesn't have to be secured. What about friends? Remember, handguns are highly prized by burglars and some may know that you have one.
There are two opposing views regarding weapons in the home. The first is that weapons should be locked away and not discussed. The second, that everyone in the home should be made aware of firearms safety.
But is either way practical or would a combination of both be better? The adults and older children could certainly be made aware of the dangers relating to firearms but the very young or immature, regardless of age, cannot understand the dangers and would be best served by merely securing the weapon so they cannot physically obtain it.

You Don't Trim The Bushes

Of course bushes and trees should be pruned and trimmed properly to do and look their best, but that's not what I'm talking about. Then how does this topic relate to driving safety. I'm talking about the bushes and trees near the street in front of your house that block the traffic sign. The state and/or the city highway departments should be aware of this and do the trimming, but many times they don't. I have seen many stop and other signs blocked by trees or bushes at the last second and have had to jam on my brakes or miss a turn. Is your house on the corner at the intersection? How many times has there been an accident? How many times have you heard screeching brakes? How many times have you done nothing about it? When are you going to get a clue? When are you going to do something about it? "Well, I can't now, I'm watching an adult cartoon." You should call the highway department and advise them of the problem. If they don't take care of it in a reasonable amount of time then do it yourself. If the tree or bushes are on your property then you should do it. It's not only the stop signs that should be cleared. Any traffic and Route number signs in front of your house should be your responsibility and any that you observe while driving should be called in to the highway department.