You Speed Up

A few days ago I made a left turn at a green light. I had enough clear road up ahead to make the turn without impeding oncoming traffic.  Not according to Mr. Big Truck driver and he was going to try to prove it by speeding up when he saw me.  How dare I cut in front of him, telling him that I'm better than him and that he was a wimp.  At least that is probably what he taught, in his feeble mind, so he was going to prove to me that he was just as good as me.  Of course, as we all know, it merely showed to the other drivers his inferiority complex. How sad that someone has to constantly prove to himself that he is a man.  If you're a man proof is never necessary.

The mature driver seeing someone turn into his lane would automatically take his foot off of the gas pedal.  This would allow the vehicle to start to slow down.  If the other vehicle clears the intersection, which is usually the case, then you can proceed without slowing down.  You would be in a better situation to brake and to slow down or even stop if necessary to avoid an accident.  What if I hadn't observed that the intersection was blocked, which it was not, and had to stop to avoid an accident.  Mr. Big Truck driver, accelerating, would not have been able to stop, causing an accident which probably would have killed my wife and seriously injured me.  If he had caused the death of my wife, due to his stupidity, I would then kill his wife, if married or his mother if not married.  I'm sure that there is someone he thinks he loves that I could kill.  Whether I would or not, at this point, is a matter of supposition.
Note:  I say "he thinks he loves" because immature persons are incapable of love.  If you're living with an immature person know that he does not love you.


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