You Don't Take Advantage Of A Pleasant Encounter

While walking my dog  this afternoon, four young gentlemen in two golf carts stopped to ask for directions  to a golf course.  You might ask, "Why didn't they know where the golf course was if they were riding in golf carts?"  They had just left one golf course, there are three in my neighborhood, and they were looking for one of the others.  The reason they didn't know the direction is that they just arrived in the United States yesterday.  One is from Latvia, one from England and the other two from South Africa.  Being a History buff, I was able to discuss some peculiarities about their countries.  After some pleasant bantering back and forth, I  gave them the directions to the other course and my card with the URL to this site so they could see this Post.  I hope you four have a pleasant stay in America this summer.

You Don't Know How To Maintain Speed

To get to town, we that live on the mountain have to drive downhill, uphill, and then a steep downhill.
The speed limit on this road is 40 mph, so what did the car in front of me do today? Uphill 35 mph and downhill, well, halfway down, it took him that long to coast to 45 mph. Highways are not rollercoasters. Now, what should one do in a 40 mph zone? Straightaway, 40 mph; uphill, 40 mph; downhill, 40 mph, so how do I accomplish this?
Uphill, press down on the gas pedal; downhill, press down on the brake pedal.  On the straightaway, look at the speedometer once in a while.  I hope that this is not too complicated.