You Don't Fight for Your Country

One-hundred thousand, five-hundred thousand, one-million or more men of military age fleeing their country.  Are there legitimate refugees?  Yes.  They are made up of old men and women with their children.  Women will take care of their children, and they should not be the ones who do the fighting and leave their children in danger.  Of course, many women are fighting and are fighters for their family and country; but they're not the ones to carry the greatest burden.  Who are these alleged "men" storming out of their countries leaving their wives, daughters, and young children behind: They are an invading army and the leaders of their host countries are too ignorant to realize that they're being invaded.  To leave your wife behind to be raped and your children to be enslaved is not my definition of a man . . . that's my definition of a coward.
I will fight for my country and would never leave it, for I believe that I live in the best country in the world, and well worth fighting for, and you should feel the same way about your country.
(US Navy, '51-'55.  Korea and China theaters)