You Think Guns Is The Issue

In regards to school and other shootings stop fixating on the wrong issue. Mental health is the issue. Instead of the school trying to help the shooter they just let the mother take him out of school, therefore losing all contact with a deranged person. Parents and others in authority knew he had issues but were afraid to say anything, i.e., do their job. Like 9/11 when the agencies wouldn't talk to each other the psychiatric community won't talk to each other because of too stringent privacy statutes. Being able to talk about mental issues among the professionals is not the same as blabbing and making fun of people at drunken parties or publishing it in the newspapers. Just as certain caregivers must report suspected child abuse and anyone can anonymously, the same type of law(s) should be enacted for mental health so these people can be identified, helped and confined if necessary.

You Are A Cowardly Passenger

20-year-old man dies after crash, reads the headline in the local newspaper.  Where was he sitting in the car?  As a passenger in the front seat.  As in as many times as not the driver is not killed.  (This driver was not killed).  The driver "failed to negotiate a curve in the road" and hit a utility pole head-on.
These kinds of accidents usually are indicative that the driver was operating outside of his comfort zone, whether by speeding, driving too fast for conditions or inattention to driving.  More often than not passengers are aware of the erratic driving by the driver but are afraid to say anything.  Why?  It's your life he's putting in danger.  Don't you have the responsibility for your own personal safety?  Why do you leave it in the hands of an (usually) immature person/driver?  Say something!  Or ask to be dropped off.  Most times you know that your "friend" is a poor driver so you should never get in his car.
Of course it's too late for the young man in this story to say something; but it's not too late for you.

You Still Don't Believe Me

About vicious dogs.  Another recent story about two Rottweilers who escaped from their fenced in yard while the owner was putting out the garbage.  Owners of these kind of dogs always think that their dog is not and cannot ever be vicious.  The hundreds of cases each year prove otherwise.
The dogs roamed the neighborhood and started to attack a six year old girl.  Her grandmother hearing her cries went out to investigate.  That's when the two dogs grabbed the grandmother and dragged her into the street where she suffered severe injuries to her back and head.  The little girl was rescued by a neighbor before the attack and two men, with baseball bats, beat the dogs until they released their hold on the grandmother.  If you own a rottweiler, pit bull, mastiff or similar mixed breed you are stupid and there is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

You Don't Have A Number On Your Business (or house)

It is so frustrating when trying to find a business when none of them have a number on their building.  The reason I'm looking for you is to give you money, but you make it so hard that many times I can't find you and just go home out of frustration.  Other times I just go to your competitor and give him the money.  After your competitor has satisfied my needs I don't think I'll ever try to find you again.  Why should I?  I just don't like dealing with a business run by stupid people.  Of course your name should be displayed also.  If you have a hard time finding a business because of poor identification tell them.  They may even be appreciative.
As to your home it's a good idea to have a number but you shouldn't have your name on display like a business.

You Don't Have a Safe Garage Door

I just got another email about a kid dying, going to heaven and coming back which gives me an excellent opening to talk about garage doors.  Modern automatic doors all have seeing-eye electronic safety device so the door won't close if there is an obstruction beneath the door, such as a young child underneath which is what occurred in this heavenly tale.  This situation had to occur with an older garage door without the electronic eye - safety device.  If you have an older door without it you should have the device installed.  "What do you think I'm stupid?  Of course I have one on my garage door."  Yes, I think you're stupid if you've had it for years and never tested it, at least annually, to see if it still works.
Now that you're proud of yourself for going out and testing your system and now feel that your family is safe - think again.  Did you test the crush-proof feature of your garage door?

You Put Your Life In The Hands Of The Driver In Front Of You.

I've mentioned tailgating in another Post but obviously few drivers take it to heart even though it's illegal to follow too closely.  When you do you're putting your life in the drivers hands in the car ahead of you.  Who is that driver you're following too close?  Did he just have a fight with his/her wife/husband?  Is he a new driver that will panic when he sees you on top of him?  Many drivers panic and quickly change lanes without regard whether a car is next/near him and he doesn't have the room.  If his maneuver causes an accident with the other car it will be directly in front of you and you won't have time to stop and will be involved in the accident also.  Did he just steal the car and doesn't care what happens to it or to himself - or especially to you?

You Park On Street Directly Across A Driveway

Most people/drivers who have to back out of their driveway, unless on a busy street, don't pay much attention to parked cars as in most cases there is no car parked directly across their driveway.  If you park there he may very well back into your car, especially if he is going in the direction of the opposing travel lane.  Even if he notices your car and doesn't hit it, or shoot out your tires, it's harder for him to negotiate around your car - which is not fair.  So be a good neighbor and if you have to park on the street do so where it won't interfere with his turning radius.  As good fences make good neighbors, courtesy goes a long way towards that end.

You Keep Fireplace Ashes Inside Your Home

Christmas day fire kills 7-year-old twins, a 9-year-old and the grandparents.  (Associated Press story).  The mother said she was concerned about the bag of ashes that her boyfriend placed on a plastic bin in the mud room.  She dismissed her worry because she saw her boyfriend run his hand through the ashes.  Ashes in a paper bag, on a plastic bin, both highly flammable.
When I bought my house in January of this year I went to a hardware store to buy a metal bucket with a lid to put my fireplace ashes in.  The clerk stated that even though the bucket is made of metal, ashes can burn right through the bucket, so always immediately put it outside in a safe place.
Running your hands through ashes does not guarantee that you'll come in contact with the few remaining hot ashes.  Even with a metal bucket I never cleaned out the fireplace until the next day and sometimes several days if I had a fire that burned most of the night.

You Surrender To A Criminal's Demands

I've started a survival series on my Facebook page.  I'm up to Post #8 and will probably go to 15 Posts.  If interested go to:  The basic premise of survival is to never surrender.  If you surrender to an enemy or a criminal you leave your life in the hands of a deranged mind.  I would not feel comfortable doing that.  Would you?  Items like never getting in a strangers car even at gunpoint, allowing yourself to be tied up, or submitting and going along with his demands/requests.  Doing so, as you will see by the examples, the victim has always come out much worse and most times killed anyway.  Some of these/my ideas have and will continue to be posted at this web site also.  Stay safe.  Never surrender.

You Shift Into Reverse Before Everyone Is In The Car

Your kid, friend, or wife opens the door to get in.  If the car starts to go backward the person is pinned behind the door.  That person, generally, is not thinking about whether the car will move backward and that the door will knock them down and maybe be run over.  Their mind is on getting in the car.
Of course you think it's safe as you have your foot on the brake, but if it slips or for some reason you reduce the pressure on the pedal the car will start backwards.  After being knocked down the bottom of the door will most probably, unless very skinny, grab them and drag them until you stop the car.  So why take the chance.  Wait until everyone is safely in the vehicle and all doors are closed before shifting into reverse.
Even if you don't care about your family members or friends, think about the door being ripped off of the car backing out of the garage.

You Get In The Car

I'm not talking about going for a ride with your family and friends but about strangers who ask you to get in their car or threaten you, even with a gun,  to get in his car.  Never get in the car.  Never.
How many times out of how many times is never. Is it 4 out of 5 times that you shouldn't get in the car or is it 9 out of 10 times. Never is none of any number of times. If he points a gun at you and threatens to shoot - don't get in the car. Run in the opposite direction that the car is facing. Most probably he won't shoot, if he shoots he'll probably miss, if you are shot you have an 85% chance of survival. With all of this your survival rate is near 99%. If you get in the car, taken to a deserted place where he can torture you for hours, rape you multiple times and most probably kill you, your survival rate is about 1% vs. 99%. So run, run, run, to a safer place. Think about it now. Don't wait until the situation arises as it is not the time to spend time to think what you should do. Don't even hesitate for a 1/2 second, run immediately. Now repeat after me: Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Don't get in the car, run. Did I mention to never get in the car? If you do, you've given him full control over you.  It is now his decision whether to let you live or kill you.  You are now totally at his mercy - which he has none.

You Don't Look At The Backup Lights

The backup lights on cars are white in color even though they are in the back of the car.  White light(s) mean the car is coming towards you, whether they are in the front, head lights, or in back, backup lights..  Red lights mean the car is standing still or going away from you.
A few days ago two elderly ladies were walking in an aisle in the parking lot of a grocery store.  They did not observe the cars (white lights) backup lights were lit and continued to cross in back of the car.  The car hit both of them, one died, the other in serious condition.  (Remember, white lights means the car is coming toward you).  Most drivers park front-in the space so they have to back up to leave after shopping.  Cars are leaving very frequently so whenever walking in back of cars you should always observe whether someone is in the driver's seat or if the (white lights) back up lights are on before crossing in back of the car.  Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

You Don't Kill The Squirrel

PETA and the ASPCA will probable be all over me for this title but it's not about going out to kill squirrels, it's about safe driving.  The point is that it's better to kill the squirrel on the road in front of your car than veering off the road into a tree or down a steep embankment.  If you do either one of these you and/or a passenger will be injured or killed.
A friend of a friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that her friend's son veered off the road to avoid a squirrel, tried to climb a tree (the car, not the squirrel) and rolled the car over.  Fortunately, in this case, he was alone and only suffered a minor injury to a thumb.  The driver is a new licensee, only a few weeks, without much experience so he can be excused but we can all learn, new or experienced, and get it in our minds now, thinking over and over what we'd do in like circumstances.

You Believe The Freedom Tower is Indestructable

America's Tower of Babel, The Freedom Tower at ground zero in NYC. 1,776 feet including a 408 foot antenna spiral. With that length antenna they will be able to broadcast to Mars. Except there is no one there to listen to the broadcast. I don't care how strong they build it, it won't withstand a double hit by an airliner.

I hope my prediction doesn't come true. Arrogance is what built the Freedom Tower and arrogance can always be easily defeated.

You Think Dogs Don't Kill Babies

For some reason, unknown to me, certain breeds of dogs think that babies are toys like the ones we give our dogs to play with.  My dog, a 16 lb. Westie, likes tied up T-shirts.  He grabs them and shakes the hell out of them.  This simulates the way they were bred to kill rabbits.  Other breeds, I suppose, have their own quirks and several of them have killed babies as I've mentioned several times on this site.  How many warnings must I give before people with babies take it to heart.  I pray this is the last time it happens.

Little Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan died Saturday, April 28, just hours after being attacked by his family's Mastiff-mix dog while celebrating his first birthday in Henderson, Nevada, a suburban city in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.  Shahan (the father) had a warning for other families who have dogs and babies. "Always be careful," even if you trust your dog, he said as he choked back tears. "I trusted my dog, and now I don't have a baby or a dog”.

You Get Aggressive When A Car Is In Front Of You.

A few days ago I wanted to turn right from a driveway at a business.  I stopped at the stop sign, looked to my left and saw that the cars were stopped.  The cars on the right were moving so I felt that they also had a left arrow with their green light.  Seeing the car stopped in the lane that I wanted to drive to I proceeded to make the right turn.  Well, you might have guessed, the light must have changed at the same time as I got into the lane on the roadway.  Obviously I must have gotten in the way of the car in the right lane so he quickly accelerated to my rear and tailgated me until he could pass on my left.  I guess he showed me that I shouldn't have gotten into stupid's way.  At the next light more cars were in the left lane so I passed him in the right lane.  Then the lead car in his lane stopped to make a left turn pinning him several hundred feet back of my car.  He finally was able to go into the right lane, (four lane roadway).  If he had just started out in normal speed he would have done much better.  But, no.  His kind of driver must always try to get ahead of any car in front of him.  Always aggravated behind the wheel, cutting in and out of traffic and endangering himself , his passengers and the other drivers around him.  What a pathetic way to live.  If you have to constantly do stupid things to prove to yourself that you're a man - you're not. 
(Also see my Post on the "Responsibility of Passengers").

You Don't Delete Friends Emails Before Forwarding

Whenever we get an email whether directly from a friend or forwarded to us there are a number of email addresses in the email.  When you forward the email you are also forwarding everyone's email addresses which can be "fished".  Most of the time it doesn't pose a problem but I wonder why we all get so many unsolicited junk mail in our inbox.  Why take a chance that it may harm your friends?
When forwarding please address "TO." to your own email address, and forward to multiple others via "Bcc."  Also remove all email addresses from material being forwarded.  Thank You.