You Park On Street Directly Across A Driveway

Most people/drivers who have to back out of their driveway, unless on a busy street, don't pay much attention to parked cars as in most cases there is no car parked directly across their driveway.  If you park there he may very well back into your car, especially if he is going in the direction of the opposing travel lane.  Even if he notices your car and doesn't hit it, or shoot out your tires, it's harder for him to negotiate around your car - which is not fair.  So be a good neighbor and if you have to park on the street do so where it won't interfere with his turning radius.  As good fences make good neighbors, courtesy goes a long way towards that end.


Anonymous said...

Courtesy on the roads is long gone. I wish people would either slow down or speed up when I let them enter the highway from an entrance ramp so I can get back in my lane. It's pretty bad that I have to give you the right of way because you don't even look to see if there is oncoming traffic. No wonder there is so many highway accidents. I try not to park across from a driveway out of courtesy, but wished people had some on the highways.

csinate said...

So true. People should realize that it's a Yield sign, not a Merge sign at the entrance to the highway. Thanks for posting. We can all help each other to learn.

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