You Don't Secure Your Garbage Can

I, like many, live near a wooded area where bears live.  The right side of my property borders on a 770 acre game preserve, therefore I keep my garbage can inside my garage.  I spoke with a lady yesterday who also lives in my town who told me that although she secures her garbage can her neighbor doesn't.  For the last two days a bear walked across her driveway going to a "picnic" at her neighbors unsecured garbage can.  Last week a black bear was in the street in front of my house.  After examining my neighbor's car, he probably didn't like the make and model, he ambled down the street, up the driveway of one of my neighbors, two houses away, trashed his outside garbage can and left through his backyard.  To his credit he, my neighbor not the bear, now puts his garbage can in his garage.  It should go without saying (then why am I saying it) that encounters between humans and bears never seem to go well.