You Think Wild Animals Are Tame.

Wild: Living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal. As the definition clearly states wild animals are NOT TAMED and should be avoided by the untrained person. Even experts are not always out of danger and have suffered serious injuries and death. Siegfried's partner Roy Horn was mauled by a tiger during their show in Las Vegas. The trainer who recently was killed by the whale that she had been working with for a long time.
So what are we untrained people doing having relationships with wild animals? The first story that comes to mind is the lady who was asked by the owner to help get the 200 pound Chimpanzee back into the house. The chimp went wild, a redundant statement as he was already wild, and tore off her hands, nose, mouth and eyelids. She got out of the hospital two days ago after 15 months.
Some "domesticated" animals should be stayed away from such as some breed of dogs. The grandmother who brought her grand baby to her friends house where the baby was killed by the friends dog. The large snake that got out of the cage and killed the owners baby in their house.
If anyone ever asks me to help corral a wild or what I perceive is a dangerous animal, I'll say: NO! And don't ever ask me again.