You Don't Drive Yourself.

Of course I drive myself. I'm sitting in the driver's seat and I'm all alone in the car. Let's explore this phenomenon.

Last week my wife, who was driving, moved to the left lane on the Interstate to pass the car in front of us. The lone car in the passing lane was approximately 750 feet back so there was plenty of room. Upon seeing our car move into “his” lane he accelerated rapidly to catch up and tailgated until my wife moved back into the travel lane. The action of the other driver, my wife, forced him to change his driving speed, get his dander up and place himself, and us, in danger. Why? Did he think that we intentionally insulted him or his driving? Of course he didn't know us or we him. We didn't think anything about that driver until he pulled this stunt. By his action he proved to us that he's stupid and immature.

You start to pass a car and the driver accelerates making it more difficult for you to pass. He therefore did not drive himself as your action caused him to change speed and again endanger everyone involved. How stupid can a driver be to actually have another driver force himself into a dangerous situation.