You Mistreat Dogs

There Is A Place

There is a place in the afterlife for people who mistreat dogs. It's called "Dog's Revenge."  It's not hell, but it's near hell and you'll wish you were in hell instead of in "Dog's Revenge."
How it works, as I saw it in my premonition.
The weight distribution will be reversed. If you're 100 pounds and your dog is 10 pounds, then you'll be 10 pounds and your dog will weigh 100 pounds.
If you now kick your dog twice a day, then your dog will kick you 20 times a day, every day for eternity.
If you now chain your dog outside in the winter, then your dog will do the same to you. As thirsty as you will be, you won't be able to drink from the water bowl because the water will be frozen like your dog's water bowl is now.
You'll only be fed one-half as much as you're feeding your dog now. And if the food you're feeding it is merely half-rotten scraps, then your food will be more foul and putrid.
If in your anger, you throw your puppy against the wall, he, then, will drop-kick you against the wall whenever it remembers a time that you did it to it; and his memory will be excellent so he will be drop-kicking you against a wall almost on a daily basis.
If you are now torturing dogs, every one of them will be there torturing you, constantly taking turns for all of eternity.
A trillion years of eternity is like a second in the lifetime of a human who lives to 100-years-old.
My premonition did not exclude those who make their dogs fight, and even the spectators will be made to fight every day getting their face chewed up and their body to suffer from the injuries. Made to fight daily, never allowing time for the injuries to heal.
If you've ever dropped off a dog in the woods or countryside to fend for itself, that is what your dog will do to you. Your plight will be to forever roam the forest tormented by wild dogs. You will never be molested by them, but always have in your mind 10 times the fear that your dog felt.
The only way to avoid this is to immediately start treating your dog like the loving pet that it is and that he so richly deserves..
My advice: if you can't treat a dog properly: don't get one. If you already have one, turn it in to a shelter.

(My [expanded] version of what my wife hopes will happen to people who abuse dogs).