You Are A Cowardly Passenger

20-year-old man dies after crash, reads the headline in the local newspaper.  Where was he sitting in the car?  As a passenger in the front seat.  As in as many times as not the driver is not killed.  (This driver was not killed).  The driver "failed to negotiate a curve in the road" and hit a utility pole head-on.
These kinds of accidents usually are indicative that the driver was operating outside of his comfort zone, whether by speeding, driving too fast for conditions or inattention to driving.  More often than not passengers are aware of the erratic driving by the driver but are afraid to say anything.  Why?  It's your life he's putting in danger.  Don't you have the responsibility for your own personal safety?  Why do you leave it in the hands of an (usually) immature person/driver?  Say something!  Or ask to be dropped off.  Most times you know that your "friend" is a poor driver so you should never get in his car.
Of course it's too late for the young man in this story to say something; but it's not too late for you.