You Don't Know What You Are as a Law Enforcement Officer

When a law enforcement officer breaches his oath he is no longer an officer. But what about the oath?  It must be to protect the Constitution if his country has one, the laws of his country if they are moral and to protect the people of his city, state or country.  An oath is illegal and never binding if its intent is to protect the government or sworn to a specific person.  No man or government is above the moral laws of humanity.  Any supposed law enforcement officer who swears allegiance to an individual is a thug, criminal or insane.  Some officers may believe that because they are being paid by the government he must obey the orders of said government.  That belief is a total falsehood as no government has ever paid their employees.  In fact, no government has ever had any money to pay anyone.  All government employees are paid by the citizens of their country whether through the taxes that they pay or that the government obtains other capital by confiscating (stealing) the natural resources or the resources of its citizens.  "I was only following orders," uttered many officers as they were marched to the gallows or prison.  The Nuremberg Trials after WWII has clearly defined this concept.  If an officer follows an unlawful order (an order against humanity) he and only he is responsible for the action that he takes.  You can't blame it on any one else.  I would venture to say that nearly half of the alleged police officers in the world are merely goons of one other man.  When that man falls then all your (unlawful) powers disappear overnight.  Then what will you do?  The next tyrannical leader must kill you as your pledge was to support another, not him.  But if your oath is to your country then you can serve under any change in government.  To the good moral officers I wish you a safe journey through your profession.  To all the others, how does it feel knowing that you're merely a stooge?
(I'm a retired Law Enforcement Officer.)