You Don't Report Child Abuse

The following will seem like I'm bragging, but I'm not as it's all factual. The reason will be understood in the summary.

I've lectured for 11-years to just about every discipline that is responsible for children: police, firemen, EMT's, teachers, medical personnel. and at colleges and universities in the Master's program for Criminal Justice professionals, all on Child Abuse. All of these people were Mandatory Reporters, i.e., if they didn't report child abuse to the proper agency or take care of the child themselves they could be disciplined and/or arrested, which in one case, a teacher was, based on my recommendation.
Just because you're not a mandatory reporter doesn't mean that you do not have a moral obligation to do anything about trying to help the child from further abuse.

So what's my point?

If you don't report to the proper authorities what you know or suspect that a relative or neighbor is abusing their children, I strongly believe that you are complicit in the pain and suffering of that child.