You Don't Look At The Backup Lights

The backup lights on cars are white in color even though they are in the back of the car.  White light(s) mean the car is coming towards you, whether they are in the front, head lights, or in back, backup lights..  Red lights mean the car is standing still or going away from you.
A few days ago two elderly ladies were walking in an aisle in the parking lot of a grocery store.  They did not observe the cars (white lights) backup lights were lit and continued to cross in back of the car.  The car hit both of them, one died, the other in serious condition.  (Remember, white lights means the car is coming toward you).  Most drivers park front-in the space so they have to back up to leave after shopping.  Cars are leaving very frequently so whenever walking in back of cars you should always observe whether someone is in the driver's seat or if the (white lights) back up lights are on before crossing in back of the car.  Stay Alert, Stay Safe.