You Are A Gap Filler

A gap is the distance between two or more cars. Some drivers like to fill in the gap and get close to the car(s) ahead of them. This usually is due to their insecurity and loneliness. Of course you can't blame them as it's awfully scary to be driving all by oneself without the companionship of other cars. This phenomenon wouldn't be bad if they didn't usually tail-gate.
The mature driver drives inside the gap by himself. Even in heavier traffic I find myself driving alone with a bunch of cars a ways ahead of me and a bunch a fair distance in back of me. In lighter traffic my front and back gaps are close to one-quarter mile. The advantage of this position is quite obvious as if anything happens in front of me I have plenty of time to analyze it and take proper action to avoid a collision. It is also more peaceful and less stressful as you're not always concerning yourself about what the other drivers will do. I don't consciously look for gaps and try to stay in the middle of it. It just happens, as I'm a mature driver. Occasionally speeders do overtake and pass me but this does not affect me. Why should it?