You Leave a Child or Animal in a Closed Car

How many times and how many people have to remind you of this?  Of course this doesn't pertain to your Personal Safety but that of a child and animal. Most people think that we're only talking about heat, but what about cold?  Are you positive that nothing will happen to you to delay your return to your vehicle?  Most people think that as long as a window is open, usually slightly, that everything will be fine.  Two windows for cross ventilation is better, but is it enough?  Even with two windows open the heat in the car can build to over 100 degrees.  In the cold, what degree does it have to be and for how long before your child gets hypothermia?  What about frostbite, frostbitten skin, trench foot, among others such as eye injury.  Is your dog one that lives outside in extremely cold weather or is it a small or hairless dog?  A few months back I ran into two situations, in the same week, relating to heat, with a child and a dog.  I was able to put my hand inside the cars to check the temperature.  In one situation I opened the door a little to let out heat until the owner arrived.  Did you notify someone that you left your child or dog in the car and the time you'll get back to the car?  What if something happens to you and you can't get back - your child or dog dies.  What if you get back in good time but your baby is missing, kidnapped or your dog is dognapped?  Wouldn't your child or dog be better off with you?  Wouldn't they much rather be with you, instead of feeling abandoned?