You Don't Attack, Attack, Attack.

Orlando, Florida:  49 killed, 52 injured.
Brussels, Belgium: 32 killed, 300 injured.
Paris, France:  128 killed, injured?
San Bernardino, California.  36 killed, injured? and
Kenya, Africa: 148 killed, 102 injured.

On this web site, on October 27, 2014 I wrote an article titled, "You Have No Means For Self Defense."
On April 6, 2015, I wrote about the slaughter at the college in Kenya where there were 800 students.  Like the 250-300 people in the bar in Orlando, they were mostly young, strong, agile young men.  Among the above venues, and those others too numerous to mention. were thousands of able-bodied men; probably many ex-military personnel.  What did they do when the killing started--nothing.  Why?
We can no longer be complacent.  It matters not where we might find ourselves; whether in a bar or in a movie theater, (Aurora, CO): in a school, (Columbine or Newtown).  Can we expect very young children to attack? but should we expect young, strong men to attack? Certainly.

We must all start to review in our minds what we would do, no, what I will do in the event if I'm caught in a similar situation like above.  At the moment you will not have time to formulate a plan, think it out, and then put it into play.  You must have it ingrained in your mind today, and then refine your plan periodically so when the situation presents itself you will act immediately.  Several years ago a professional skier broke his leg in an accident.  Having been laid up for a year, he ran the slalom course, in his mind, everyday.  His next competition, remember he hadn't skied for a whole year, he came in first.

"I can't attack the terrorist all by myself."  On 9/11 only one passenger out of the four planes said, "Let's Roll."  When one starts others will follow.  The unruly passenger on another plane was attacked by one passenger, then others seeing, also jumped on him and helped to subdue the unruly one.  Yes you can.
What if one of the 400 killed in the actions above was killed during his attempt to subdue the terrorist?
What is the 500+ wounded, some severely, thinking about their inaction today?

"But I don't have a weapon."  Yes you do.  You're in a bar drinking beer which comes in a bottle.  Have you never played baseball!  Can't you throw it at the terrorist?  Close by, break the bottle and jab it into his head from behind with the jagged glass edge.  Hit him with a chair.  Throw the chair at him.  Use your pocket knife and give him a tracheotomyNo weapon, no problem.  Ever been in a fist fight?  MMA fighters use fists and feet; use yours.  Swift kick in the small of his back will cripple him.  Your turn to figure what you'll do based on your strengths.  Immediate, violent, vicious attack, attack, attack until you either subdue or are killed.

What benefit will this provide?  I content that it will cut down the deaths and injuries by at least 80%.  Why not try it.  What have you got to lose--you're dead anyway.