You Don't Turn Off Your Turn Signal

Wait! Didn't you just tell us to turn them on? Yes, if you're going to make a turn. But when you have already made the turn and they don't go off automatically then you can mechanically turn them off yourself. Most of the time after you make a 90 degree turn they will shut off automatically. If the turn is 45 degrees or less they may not go off. The entrance ramp on most Interstates is 30 degrees or less so many times they stay on. Most drivers are aware of this, but not you as you're busy texting, on the phone or just plain stupid. Generally when entering a highway your left blinker is on or should be for a right entrance (and the right blinker if a left entrance). Now if there isn't a turn for several miles then you should have turned them off or you're indicating that you're going to make a left turn onto the medium divider at 70 mph. Of course if there is a left exit just ahead, if they are off you should turn them on. When I see this I usually, if I can safely do so, try to signal the driver.