You Don't Know That America is now Amerika.

“That all men are created equal.” Amerikan Liberals think that it means everyone should receive the same of everything whether one works for it or not. Of course, they, the elites, don't believe that it pertains to them, as they want to keep their walled-in houses, (read, fortresses) to keep the common man (read, the unwashed masses) away from them. No one should believe that when the three elites sat down to discuss equality for the masses that they would be willing to give up, among them, their eight houses and their combined assets of 60 million dollars, but by increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, that it would equalize the disparity between them.

If the new Amerikan government is sworn-in, then Americans' freedom will slowly, but positively be eroded over the next four years. America will then no longer be, “the land of the free,” but the home of the people that will pour across our open borders. They will not be the same as those of the last two centuries who were escaping tyranny, seeking freedom, and a better life for their children. No. They will be seeking to destroy America: to turn it into the same kind of country that they came from. They will not come to America to seek those freedoms, but out of jealousy, spite, and hate. Those that will be allowed into America are not the ones who will help this country, but the ones that our newly elected officials want to come in to destroy us and to punish us for taking away their power these past four years.

The new government is dredging up, for cabinet positions, all the old Liberal/Progressive/Communist/Radical guards that did nothing to help the country for eight years prior to the present administration and a Commander -in-Chief that goes around sniffing hair and pinching the nipples of 8-year old girls.

The criminals, both in America and throughout the world, know just how weak this government will be, as we have already seen major cities destroyed and violent crimes has risen by untold numbers in states that are controlled by these Democratic elites.

Welcome to Amerika.


You Don't Increase The Distance If The Cars In Front Of You Are Tailgating

On a Colorado highway two years ago there was a 49-car pileup which resulted in 8 killed and 26 sent to the hospital.  The safe(r) distance between cars is the 2-second rule.  Most drivers, tailgaters, follow the 1-second rule which does not give anyone time to avoid an accident if the car in front develops a serious situation.  Of course, even if the 49th car was following the 2-second rule it most probably would not have given the driver enough time to stop to avoid being involved in that accident.  

Although I (nearly) always follow the 2-second rule, whenever I see the car(s) in front of me tailgating I increase the distance between us by following the 4-second rule.  The easiest way to judge this distance is to use the Tick-Tock method.  Each time you say Tick-Tock, one second has passed.  If you pass the point where the rear of the car in front of you was when you arrive there, you were tailgating.

Two seconds - Minimum safe distance.  Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock = 2-seconds.

Four seconds - Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock = 4-seconds.

Or, you can be part of the 17,000 killed and/or the 800,000 people hospitalized by tailgating accidents each year . . . your choice.

You Don't Know My (golfing) Thought For Today: Play Bogey Golf

In days of yore, which means a long time ago when golf was first played there was a man whose name was Mr. Bogey.  Mr. Bogey was somewhat of a braggart, so most golfers of the time wanted to beat Bogey's score and if they did, others would say that they were par for the course.  We now believe that we're supposed to be paring the course, which of course, no one does.  (Unless you're on the PGA Tour).  Whether the above story is true is a matter of supposition.

The weekend golfer puts undue pressure upon himself by trying to par the course, which of course he never does.  It is a fact though, that the original scoring was what we consider today as bogey golf.  By taking the needless pressure off of oneself most (decent) golfers will actually beat bogey.

Let's assume, like at most courses, that 72 is par for the course.  If you play bogey golf then you'll score 90, 72+18=90.  This is really not a bad score for the average golfer, but it seems that breaking 90 seems to be a magic number.

Now let's make ourselves feel good.  You par one of the par-5's, -1, and par a par-4, -1.  You really got lucky that day and birdied a par-3, -2 from a bogey, which gives you an 86.  How many of you would be happy to shoot an 86 or an 85?  I would venture many of you.

So, take the pressure off of yourself by trying to do the impossible and strive for bogey golf, and the most important part about playing golf is the camaraderie and enjoying a pleasant day outside.

And to become a better player you should practice, practice, and practice some more.  But, the biggest lie ever stated is that Practice makes Perfect.  If you practice poorly, you'll never get better; therefore, you should follow my 5 Ps.  Perfect Practice Produces Perfect Performance. -- Have fun out there.

You Voted For A Liberal Government