You don't, "Got Milk." (Cont'd.)

Last night I put two milk ice cubes in a glass dish, covered it with clear plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator. This allowed the cubes to melt overnight which I used the milk in my coffee this morning: worked perfectly. Covering the dish prevented the milk from absorbing other odors in the refrigerator. I still have 11 more days of cubes for my milk, but I'm going to do it again, for 23 days-- well into next month if I can't get to the store before then.
Freezing larger volumes of milk:
One Facebook friend stated that her 1/2 gallon of frozen milk still wasn't thawed after 2-3 days; therefore, freezing in smaller quantities would seem to be in order. Two days ago I finished an Ensure. It comes in a plastic jug which I then used to freeze some more milk. As milk expands when it freezes, leave some room for expansion. Also, my research showed that glass containers may break due to the expansion, so one should probably use food-grade plastic containers or other types of food-grade containers.
While freezing, milk will turn a light shade of yellow due to the fat content, so shake it well before using it after it's thawed. This does not change the taste or value. The discoloration isn't as great with low fat or skim milk. Even after the pandemic is over, it would still be a good idea to freeze any milk prior to the "best use date" instead of discarding and wasting it.
Tomorrow: "Got eggs?"


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