You Believe The Freedom Tower is Indestructable

America's Tower of Babel, The Freedom Tower at ground zero in NYC. 1,776 feet including a 408 foot antenna spiral. With that length antenna they will be able to broadcast to Mars. Except there is no one there to listen to the broadcast. I don't care how strong they build it, it won't withstand a double hit by an airliner.

I hope my prediction doesn't come true. Arrogance is what built the Freedom Tower and arrogance can always be easily defeated.

You Think Dogs Don't Kill Babies

For some reason, unknown to me, certain breeds of dogs think that babies are toys like the ones we give our dogs to play with.  My dog, a 16 lb. Westie, likes tied up T-shirts.  He grabs them and shakes the hell out of them.  This simulates the way they were bred to kill rabbits.  Other breeds, I suppose, have their own quirks and several of them have killed babies as I've mentioned several times on this site.  How many warnings must I give before people with babies take it to heart.  I pray this is the last time it happens.

Little Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan died Saturday, April 28, just hours after being attacked by his family's Mastiff-mix dog while celebrating his first birthday in Henderson, Nevada, a suburban city in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.  Shahan (the father) had a warning for other families who have dogs and babies. "Always be careful," even if you trust your dog, he said as he choked back tears. "I trusted my dog, and now I don't have a baby or a dog”.