You Still Don't Believe Me

About vicious dogs.  Another recent story about two Rottweilers who escaped from their fenced in yard while the owner was putting out the garbage.  Owners of these kind of dogs always think that their dog is not and cannot ever be vicious.  The hundreds of cases each year prove otherwise.
The dogs roamed the neighborhood and started to attack a six year old girl.  Her grandmother hearing her cries went out to investigate.  That's when the two dogs grabbed the grandmother and dragged her into the street where she suffered severe injuries to her back and head.  The little girl was rescued by a neighbor before the attack and two men, with baseball bats, beat the dogs until they released their hold on the grandmother.  If you own a rottweiler, pit bull, mastiff or similar mixed breed you are stupid and there is no ifs, ands or buts about it.